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Flexible SDMS software to centralize, integrate and explore any type of scientific data.

LabKey Server SDMS is a cloud-based SDMS software (scientific data management system) designed to help research organizations manage and analyze their scientific data. The SDMS is highly flexible and customizable to meet the data management, analysis, security and compliance needs of researchers. Scientific data of all types can be captured and aligned to assemble a full picture of your research that can then be further explored with built-in analysis and reporting tools or third-party integrations. The Server SDMS software is built on a flexible, developer-friendly framework that serves as the basis for all other LabKey products.

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Flexible SDMS software designed to fit your research.

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Centralize and align scientific data of all types.

Harmonize assay, sample, demographic and clinical data in one central system. LabKey Server provides tools to automate data capture and alignment of disparate data sets.

Uncover trends and insights with visualization & reporting tools.

Discover meaningful trends more quickly with built-in visualization tools and support for third-party integrations including Tableau, RStudio, Spotfire and more.

Securely collaborate across teams and organizations.

Share results and insights securely with fine-grained data access controls and collaboration tools.

Protect sensitive research data and achieve regulatory compliance

Ensure audit-ready compliance with support for HIPAA, FISMA and CFR Part 11. Protect your data and IP with group and role-based security models.

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Explore the Features of Our SDMS Software.

SDMS Integrations

Capture and harmonize structured data from lab instruments, systems and databases.

  • Support for NAb, Luminex, flow cytometry, proteomics, and other instrument types
  • Software and database integrations include REDCap, CDISC, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift and more
  • Model and import virtually any type of laboratory data using general-purpose templates 
  • Automate data imports and use quality control features to improve data integrity and reduce error-prone manual processes
SDMS Software

Visualization & Reports

Gain valuable insights using native and third-party data visualization and reporting tools.

  • Utilize the powerful the R statistical programming environment to create live reports within Server SDMS
  • Connect your data to RStudio, Tableau, Plotly, SQL Server Reporting Service, REDCap and more
  • Use the full-featured SQL engine to securely query integrated data

Security & Compliance

Ensure audit-ready compliance (HIPAA, FISMA, and CFR Part 11) and protect your valuable research data.

  • Group and role-based security models to manage user permissions and enable selective sharing of data
  • Authentication options include system-managed credentials as well as lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), single sign-on (CAS and SAML) and two-factor authentication
  • Fine-grained control of PHI data visibility, user access and detailed logging of all data access and use

Customizing LabKey Server SDMS

Server SDMS is API-enabled and highly extensible with rich tools for building custom applications.

  • API libraries providing secure, auditable, programmatic access to LabKey Server SDMS data and services
  • Scripting support allowing developers to validate and manipulate data during import and automate analyses
  • Create new system features by packaging resources together for simple deployment as a module within Server SDMS

Sample Management

Track the complete lifecycle of lab samples and their connection to assay and study data.

  • Manage the receipt, aliquoting, storage and shipment of lab samples 
  • Use workflows to standardize lab procedures and data capture
  • Track chain of custody and maintain an audit-ready log of actions performed on each sample

Server SDMS


Basic data management &
security requirements



Advanced data management, security & support

$295 user/month*


Developer tools, support &
system integrations

$425 user/month*


Multiple groups & compliance requirements

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Data Management
Assay Data Management table check table check table check table check
Clinical Study Management table check table check table check table check
Specialty Assays
table check table check table check
Sample Manager Starter Edition Professional Edition Professional Edition
Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Processing table check table check table check
Quality Control and Trend Reporting table check table check table check
Electronic Lab Notebook table check table check
Ontology Annotation table check
System Integrations
Databases- Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon Redshift table check table check table check
External Analytics with Tableau, MS Office, SSRS,
table check table check
Visualization Tools- Plotly Dash, Spotfire table check table check
Direct EDC Integration - REDCap & CDISC table check table check
File Management with Amazon S3 table check table check
Cloud Hosting, Security & Compliance
Cloud Hosting Available Starter Professional Professional or Compliant
User Management and Access Control table check table check table check table check
LDAP, Single Sign-on & Two-factor
table check table check table check
HIPAA, FISMA, CFR Part 11 Compliance table check
Developer Tools
Custom Training & Support for Developers table check table check
Cloud Staging Environment table check table check
Module Editing & Deployment table check table check
Training & Support
Response Time for Fixes and/or Investigation of Client-Reported Bugs Priority 3 Priority 2 Priority 1
Regular Meetings with Dedicated
Account Manager
Monthly Bi Weekly Weekly+
Premium Documentation table check table check table check
Customized Training for
Administrators & Users
table check table check table check
System Architecture and Design
Guidance from LabKey Principals
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*Pricing for 10 users, billed annually. Volume discount pricing is available. On-premise hosting option available at an additional cost.

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