Unify experiment data generated from your samples for a holistic view of your research.

Sample Manager uses a framework called an Assay Design to describe how experiment data should be interpreted, stored, and associated with the samples themselves. An assay design is composed of two sections- run fields and results fields. Using this framework, many runs of data can be uploaded, stored and organized for downstream analysis. You can create as many assay designs as needed to describe the different types of experiment data to be captured in the system.

Assay Data integration

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Importing Assay Data

Sample Manager provides three options for easily importing assay data: File Upload, Copy/Paste and Grid Data Entry. During the import process, the assay run fields may also request details from the user to accompany the data being imported. Once imported, users can view the associated assay data from the samples detail page.

assay data import

Management of Workflow Jobs and Tasks

Assay designs and data can be easily managed via the intuitive Sample Manager interface depending on the lab’s business logic. Assay run details and run results can be deleted and reimported if changes have been made to the raw data files. This ensures best practices for data integrity. Assay results data can also be edited as an individual row or as a batch on the setup and needs of the lab.

Assay data management

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