Unify your samples with any type of assay data.

Sample Manager allows you to capture any type of experiment/assay data and unify this data with related samples. This gives you a complete view of the data generated from ongoing experiments and sample processing. Lab workflows within the system can be used to guide experiments and data capture procedures.

  • Create custom data import formats to upload any type of data 
  • Add descriptions for data types and individual runs 
  • Ensure data integrity by limiting data edit permissions based on user roles
assay data integration

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Import and unify any type of data with your samples.

  • Create assay designs to describe how tabular data should be interpreted, stored, and associated with samples 
  • Import and store multiple runs of sample related data for downstream analysis

Guide data capture with workflows.

  • Create workflow templates to standardize data capture procedures 
  • Include specific sets of samples in your workflow jobs and templates
  • Add instructions to your workflows to further solidify data capture procedures

Monitor sample related experiments and data imports.

  • Monitor the completion progress of data capture workflows
  • Easily data that has been uploaded in the system for each sample

Take a tour of Sample Manager!