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Benefits of Unifying Lab Samples with Assay Data

Many laboratories experience challenges with their sample data management functions. Samples, aliquots of samples, and the data derived from them are often stored as a mixture of paper and electronic records, or in hard-to-search electronic laboratory notebooks. Difficulty in managing complex interlinkages and the inability to tie results data back to sample records can cause duplicate assays to be performed and puts data integrity at risk. Having a system that unifies assay data directly with sample information provides bench scientists, lab managers and investigators with a comprehensive view of the work that has been, or needs to be performed in the lab. It also provides downstream researchers with valuable information on how and when results were derived for each sample.

By unifying your lab samples with assay data, you can:

  1. Analyze, interpret and report the data more accurately. With an understanding of how samples were generated and pre-processed, scientists can ensure their downstream data analysis takes these sample metadata into account when they perform their analysis. This improved reproducibility in the lab and generates publication-ready data.
  2. Easily attain accurate insight into what data has been collected around a given sample, avoiding the time consuming process of searching through lab notebooks or loose data files. Knowing what data has been generated will reduce duplicative experiments, increase productivity and ultimately result in less overhead expenses.
  3. Generate data provenance between data that is created from samples, allowing users and auditors to easily understand how data was generated.

LabKey Sample Manager 

Developed in coordination with our lab partners, LabKey Sample Manager has been intuitively designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of laboratories. The application allows for the integration of various types of tabular assay data with samples and their corresponding metadata. This provides a complete picture of ongoing experiments and data collected. Additionally, Sample Manager allows laboratory staff to easily capture sample lineage and assign samples to customizable laboratory workflows.

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