ELN software that breaks down data silos and connects teams.

Our user-friendly electronic lab notebook (ELN) is designed to help scientists efficiently document their experiments and share their ongoing research. This data-connected ELN is seamlessly integrated with samples, assay data and other registered data. Having an integrated experiment documentation tool within LabKey products helps improve the data integrity, collaboration and efficiency of scientific R&D. More than just another electronic lab notebook, our user-friendly ELN software can play an integral part in unifying your research, data and team. 

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A "connected" electronic lab notebook.

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Connect your ELN, samples and data.

Improve data integrity and highlight important data by linking directly to bioregistry entities, samples and assays.

Easier and faster electronic lab notebook authoring.

Accelerate experiment capture, reviews and approval processes for lab notebooks with templates, notifications and an intuitive interface.

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Collaborate across your team and organization.

Collaboratively author, review and discuss electronic lab notebook entries and referenced data within the ELN software.

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Protect your IP with secure authoring, review and sharing protocols.

Standardize your lab notebook review and sign-off protocols while preserving notebook entries with snapshots.

Easy to use ELN software for a more productive lab.

Integrated Data & Sample Management

Connect your samples, data and notebooks in one application.

  • Seamlessly integrated with samples, assay data, bioregistry entities and workflows.
  • Reference other lab notebooks as you work between related experiments.
  • Share experiment results in context with ongoing research.

Streamlined & Easy-to-Use

A user-friendly electronic lab notebook software your team will be happy to use.

  • Designed for ease of use and adoption within scientific R&D organizations.
  • Use templates to standardize and save time while authoring lab notebooks.
  • Powerful authoring tools such as data linking, rich text editor, inline attachments, commenting and more.
  • Easily search notebooks, add project tags and set the notebook status.

Scientific Collaboration

Accelerate the review and approval process for electronic lab notebooks.

  • Comment on notebook entries for discussion and collaboration.
  • See file attachments and linked data inline.
  • Sign-off on notebooks and automatically send notifications to request reviews.
  • Encrypted snapshots are taken of notebooks (text and data) on sign-off, preserving the original state.

Ready to see our ELN?

Click below to take an interactive tour of our easy-to-use electronic lab notebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ELN Software

An electronic lab notebook is a software program that allows scientists to record assay and experiment observations, data, and notes.

What is an Electronic Lab Notebook?

Benefits of ELNs include cloud-based storage, automatic backups, easy collaboration, easy data integrations, time and paper saving, ease of regulatory compliance, audit trails for changes, built-in analysis tools, remote access, scalability, protocol automation and more, depending on the particular product you choose.

There are a lot of upsides to using electronic lab notebooks, but one of the main concerns in the scientific community is data security. Data security is always a risk online, but is mitigated by scientists being intentional about stripping PPI and choosing software companies with trusted reputations. These mitigations steps help with any lab software, and data security vigilance is necessary for any data collection and storage method a lab might use.

Laboratory information management systems primarily manage sample and data workflows, ensuring compliance, while electronic laboratory notebooks focus on experiment documentation and real-time collaboration for researchers.

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