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Empowering research teams with end-to-end clinical research software solutions.

LabKey offers clinical research software to guide data and sample management for clinical studies and trials. The LabKey CDMS integrates, organizes, and publishes longitudinal clinical study data using a customizable study framework. This framework includes quality control workflows, an intuitive visualization builder, manuscript development tools, and de-identified data publishing. For clinical sample management, Sample Manager tracks the complete life-cycle of clinical samples, captures sample-related assay data and provides lab freezer management while ensuring regulatory compliance. Both applications are built upon and included with LabKey Server SDMS.

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Clinical research software for all of your data management needs.

  • Manage longitudinal clinical study data in a central and secure environment
  • Align your clinical, demographic, sample and assay data
  • Improve data integrity with quality control features
  • Analyze clinical data with built-in visualizations and third-party tools
  • HIPAA, FISMA & CFR Part 11 Compliant

Cloud-based clinical research software to fit the complexity and size of any clinical trial or study.

Clinical Data Management System


LabKey CDMS software solves the challenges of disparate data, fragmented data views and cumbersome manual reporting processes. This clinical data management system integrates participant, results and sample data in a central compliant repository where it can then undergo quality control checks and preparation for analysis.

  • Ensure data accuracy and consistency through validation, QC monitoring, and minimization of manual data entry.
  • Streamline reporting with clean and structured data for accurate analysis and informed decision-making.
  • Improve collaboration with a centralized access point for data, improving coordination and workflows among teams.
  • Support regulatory compliance with rigorous auditing features and precise tracking of data access.


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Clinical Sample Management

LabKey Sample Manager

Manage your clinical samples and data with our intuitive sample management software. Tracks the full lifecycle of samples including registration/receipt, aliquoting, freezer storage, data integration, shipping, chain-of-custody and experiment documentation (ELN).

  • Track samples through their complete lifecycle 
  • Capture sample related data and document lab work in the integrated ELN
  • Use workflows to standardize lab procedures and experiments
  • Comply with HIPAA and CFR Part 11

Scientific Data Management System

LabKey Server SDMS

Manage clinical studies and related data with LabKey Server SDMS. The system is highly customizable for a variety of research protocols, analysis tools, data integrations and compliance needs.

  • Organize and manage longitudinal study data in a central, secure environment for more efficient curation, analysis, and publishing.
  • Keep your longitudinal study on track with a birds-eye view of participant enrollment, data collection, quality control checks and other key activities.
  • Provide appropriate access to research study data at all phases from operational execution to post-publication.

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