Centralize and align all of your R&D data in one secure system.

The LabKey Server SDMS integrations offer flexible data import designed to capture and harmonize virtually any type of life science research data. Scientific data can be captured and integrated with related demographic, clinical and sample data to form a “single source of truth” for R&D data. Data integrity is maintained via quality control features and automation tools that reduce the need for error-prone manual processes.

SDMS integrations allow you to:

  • Model and import virtually any type of R&D data, from any source 
  • Harmonize lab data with clinical, demographic and sample related data
  • Create workflows that shape your data and automate quality control
  • Secure your data with permission-based access and comply with HIPAA, FISMA and CFR Part 11

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Import and align virtually any type of data source, from any source.

Assay Data Integration

Capture structured data from lab instruments and harmonize with related R&D data.

  • Support for mass spectrometry, Luminex, flow cytometry, proteomics and other instrument types
  • Generate unique assay design to provide structure and context for tabular instrument data
  • Use scripts to clean, shape or automate calculation of values during import
  • Automate data capture using APIs, script-based pipelines and file upload triggers

Quality Control

Improve data integrity with quality control tools, workflows and automation.

  • Use data validators and range checks to verify data integrity and accuracy
  • Use quality control reports to track key QC metrics 
  • Automate quality control checks and data cleanup measures 
  • Define QC workflows to support your internal processes and standards

Data Transformation & Alignment

Transform data to achieve alignment between disparate data sources.

  • Use Python, R, or Java scripting to clean, shape or automate the calculation of values 
  • Attach sequential scripts to assay designs to run multiple transformations and reshape data files prior to import 
  • Use ontologies to reconcile data with controlled vocabularies to aligning terms, hierarchies, and the meaning of specific data columns and values

Study Data

Connect longitudinal study data with related assay and sample data.

  • Integrating clinical and demographic data for participants, cohorts, and groups
  • Organize and manage longitudinal study data in a central, secure environment for more efficient curation, analysis, and publishing.
  • Manage access to study data at all phases from operational execution to post-publication.
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SDMS Software

LabKey Server SDMS Integrations

Standard Assays Import any type of tabular data using custom assay designs.
ELISA LabKey Server features graphical plate configuration for your experiments.
ELISpot LabKey Server features graphical plate configuration for your experiments.
LabKey Server features graphical plate configuration for your experiments.
Flow Cytometry - FlowJo Analyze FCS files using a FlowJo workspace.
Luminex Import multiplexed bead arrays based on xMap technology.
Mass Spectrometry
Perform searches against FASTA sequence databases using XTandem, Sequest, Mascot, or Comet.
NAb Low- and high-throughput, cross plate, and multi-virus plates are supported.
Scripting Languages LabKey Server supports all major scripting languages, including R, Java, SAS, JavaScript, and Python.
Access Use Microsoft Access tools on data housed in LabKey using an ODBC connection.
Excel spreadsheet data can be loaded into LabKey for integration and analysis.
Make LabKey a client of your R installation, or make R a client of the data in LabKey Server.
RStudio Use RStudio to design and save reports.
RStudio Workbench Connect to an RStudio Workbench installation.
Rserve Execute R reports against a remote Rserve instance.
Tableau Visualize LabKey data in Tableau via an ODBC connection.
Spotfire Use the JDBC driver to access LabKey data from Spotfire
Plotly Dash Supported via HTTP proxy.
REDCap Synchronize with data in a REDCap server.
Informatica EDC Uses the JDBC driver to access LabKey data
OpenEMPI Connect LabKey data to an Enterprise Master Patient Index.
Medidata Rave / CDISC ODM Connect directly with, and import data from Medidata Rave servers.
Skyline Integrate with the Skyline targeted mass spectrometry tool
Trans Proteomic Pipeline (TPP)
Analyze mass spectrometry proteomics tools and view their results.
Protein Annotation Databases
Data in publicly available databases can be synced and combined with your Mass Spec data.
Jupyter Notebook Create and share computational documents.
DbVisualize Uses the JDBC driver to access LabKey data.
Mascot Work with Mascot server data.
PostgreSQL Configure PostgreSQL as a primary or external data source.
MS SQL Server Configure MS SQL Server as a primary or external data source.
Amazon S3 Configure Amazon S3 as a primary or external data source.
SAS Configure SAS as an external data source.
Oracle Configure Oracle as an external data source.
MySQL Configure MySQL as an external data source.
Amazon Redshift Configure an Amazon Redshift database as an external data source.
LDAP Configure authentication with an existing LDAP server.
CAS Configure single sign-on using CAS
SAML Configure authentication against a SAML provider.
Duo Configure two-factor authentication via the Duo service

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