A sample tracking system for the entire lifecycle of your lab samples.

Our sample tracking features help you manage your lab samples, their aliquots, freezer storage, and workflows in a user-friendly interface. Easily view sample lineage to understand the context of your lab samples while tracking chain of custody and all events related to samples in the lab. Sample Manager allows you to track details for any type of lab sample from any source and supports GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) principles.

The sample tracking features of Sample Manager allow you to:

  • Eliminate wasted time spent tracking lost samples and their data
  • Track sample chain of custody, lineage, sources, assays, and sample types
  • Create unlimited custom fields to capture details for your sample types and sources
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Sample tracking features that put you in control of your lab.

Complete sample tracking for any sample type, from any source.

  • Define your sample types and source types within Sample Manager and create custom fields to capture the information you need
  • Use workflows to manage and standardize sample processing tasks within the lab
  • Customize sample status fields to categorize samples
  • Capture and track assay data related to your lab samples
Sample Management Software Sample Lineage

Easily see the complete lineage of your samples.

  • See a holistic view of sources, samples and aliquots in a single view using an interactive lineage tree
  • Details for each source, sample and aliquot are easily seen with just a click

Capture an audit-ready history of your lab samples.

  • Track the complete sample chain of custody
  • Easily see events in the sample history and details for each event
  • Export sample history for further review or audit purposes
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