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Sample creation and import features that enable efficient sample tracking and organization.

Sample tracking and organization begins when samples are created or imported. That’s why Sample Manager includes useful features to help create, identify and organize your laboratory samples from the very start of the sample creation process within the application. Below you will find information on:

  • Sample Types
  • Creating and Importing Samples
  • Sample IDs and Naming Patterns
  • Sample Lineage
Sample Tracking Heatmap

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Sample Types - add trackable properties to samples

Sample Manager provides three options for easily importing assay data: File Upload, Copy/Paste and Grid Data Entry. During the import process, the assay run fields may also request details from the user to accompany the data being imported. Once imported, users can view the associated assay data from the samples detail page.

Creating and importing samples

Once you have created a Sample Type, you can generate new samples in various ways depending on the needs of your lab. Import an existing inventory spreadsheet, create the samples individually, or generate similar samples in bulk. The Sample Type provides a framework for entering data that describes samples of that type. Sample heritage information can be added for each sample to accurately track sample lineage.

Bulk creation of samples

Sample IDs and Naming Patterns

Each sample in the system is required to have a unique name/id within its sample type. If prior to the sample creation/import process, your samples do not already have a unique ID, the system can generate them upon import using a naming pattern. Administrators can customize name generation using templates that build a unique name from elements such as text, incrementing numbers, random numbers, dates, and other values from the imported data.

Sample Lineage Grid

Tracking Sample Lineage

From the start of the sample import/creation process, you can generate parentage relationships indicating sample lineage. The lineage graph allows you to explore a visual representation of the parentage of samples while the lineage grid can be especially helpful when viewing lengthy lineages or derivation histories.

Tracking Sample Lineage

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