Connect your plates and samples through antibody discovery workflows.

Biologics LIMS provides plate management and sample tracking for antibody discovery. Connect assay data and analyses to plates and samples as they progress through your workflows. This end-to-end management of plates and samples boosts the efficiency of your team while ensuring the integrity of your data. Additionally, Biologics LIMS manages the freezer storage of samples so you can quickly locate them when needed.

  • Track the data and relationships between the samples and plates used in antibody screening, characterization and selection
  • Register any type of samples including glycerol stocks, cell banks and production batches
  • Automatically unify plate metadata, sample information and assay data without spreadsheets
  • Manage the storage, location, and usage of samples as they progress through your workflows

Unify the management of your samples and plates for a more efficient lab.

Sample Management

Track samples and their relationships through antibody discovery workflows

  • Define your sample types and sources with customizable metadata
  • Automatically connect samples to bioregistry entities, assays and analyses 
  • Easily navigate the lineage of samples, their aliquots and the plate wells they have been assigned
  • See a holistic view of how your samples have been used in antibody discovery processes

Plate Management

Plate management for higher efficiency and operational throughput.

  • Incorporate plates in your workflows without the need for spreadsheets
  • Easily re-array samples on plates using an interactive visual map
  • Link plate information to samples, assays and analyses 
  • Manage your stock plates and their contents

Freezer Management

Match the sample storage options used in the lab and track location and usage history.

  • Track the movement of samples in and out of freezers at different locations
  • Capture sample storage, amount and freeze/thaw history
  • Visually manage freezer capacity and storage location of samples
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