Your Partners in Science

LabKey is a software and professional services provider that specializes in helping organizations overcome the unique data management, collaboration, and workflow challenges faced in the scientific research environment. Our team, many of whom have scientific backgrounds themselves, is deeply committed to the success of our clients. We work hand-in-hand with organizations to understand the complex needs of modern labs and develop flexible, scalable, extensible systems to address them.

Our Philosophy

Researchers and clinicians dedicated to the common good deserve quality tools to help them focus on discovery and care rather than battling information bottlenecks. LabKey’s product approach reflects the team’s deep commitment to providing life science and healthcare groups with open, professional-grade, cost-effective solutions.

LabKey offers a balance of free and premium products to help us ensure a strong, open, sustainable platform for all. The core components of LabKey Server are open source, enabling transparency, extension and sharing. LabKey also invests in premium features to benefit the user base and makes these available by subscription.

Should you decide to cancel your subscription after the first year, you still keep the software, including the source code for premium functionality. In the future, we hope you re-subscribe to regain access to professional support and software upgrades, particularly desirable security updates.

When your needs go beyond the existing platform, we invite you to engage our custom development services.

On the Blog

Data Centralization for Biologics Development

The biologics development process is a data-driven endeavor. A vast amount of data is generated from many teams with the hopes of answering questions and informing decision-making along the way. Centralizing this data and their analyses across experiments amplifies the power and impact that data has on biologics research and development.  Of course, centralizing biologics […]

Upgrade Your Freezer Management System Without the Pain.

Migrating data from a freezer management system can be hard. So difficult in fact, that many labs continue to use an outdated system long after it is no longer serving their needs. Sometimes, the legacy system has even become a hindrance to sample management operations. However, this shouldn’t deter you from taking on the challenge […]