SDMS security and compliance

Protect your research data and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

LabKey Server SDMS software has robust security and compliance features to keep your data secure and in-line with HIPAA, FISMA and CFR Part 11 regulations. The system has fine-grained group and role-based security models to manage access to research data. Account management, electronic signature requirements for terms of use, managing access to protected patient information, and and detailed audit logging are all part of the security and compliance features available in LabKey Server.

Security and compliance tools in LabKey Server SDMS allow you to:

  • Use a combination of group and role-based security to manage access to research data
  • Capture a detailed log of data access and use for audit purposes
  • Flag and de-identify PHI data to restrict access to or obscure patient data in accordance with HIPAA
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Connect the right team members to the right data with fine-grained security management of data access.

Account Management & Data Access

Easy and robust administration of user permissions and authentication.

  • Assign users to a combination of security groups and roles to manage permissions and access to system resources/data
  • Create custom security groups to support specific access data access levels
  • Expose specific portions of a dataset, without granting access to the dataset as a whole
  • Authentication using system-managed credentials as well as lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), single sign-on (CAS and SAML) and two-factor authentication (Duo)

Compliance Features

Audit-ready compliance with support for HIPAA, FISMA, and CFR Part 11

  • Advanced account management include requiring strong passwords, periodic password resets, limits on unsuccessful login attempts and enforcing account expiration dates
  • PHI data flagging to restrict the visibility of patient health data only to specific users
  • Detailed logging of data access and use with the ability to snapshot and electronically sign datasets
  • Enforcement of electronic signatures on a “Terms of Use” declaring the users role and intent for accessing PHI data

Compliant Hosting

Compliant hosting powered by our cloud infrastructure expertise and deep platform knowledge.

  • Dedicated, Scalable Virtual Servers with VLAN Segmentation
  • Robust security monitoring, managed firewalls and encryption services
  • Vulnerability scanning at the operating system and web application levels. 
  • Intrusion prevention and detection systems to detect and prevent system intrusion.
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