Enhancing IVF-Related Sample Tracking at Gameto

How Gameto uses Sample Manager for their IVF-related sample tracking and management

Contents: Background | Introduction | Challenges | Journey | Why LabKey | Results | Conclusion



Gameto, a women’s health biotech company located in New York, focuses on improving the outcomes of in vitro fertilization (IVF). They are part of the Alexandria LaunchLabs startup incubator and work on developing their biologic platform, Fertil, designed to enhance egg maturation processes and shorten traditional IVF cycles. 



Gameto faced significant challenges in tracking and organizing a rapidly increasing inventory of biologic samples, vital for their IVF enhancement research. To address this, they implemented LabKey’s Sample Manager, a comprehensive sample management system.



Gameto faced several challenges with their sample management:

Rapid Inventory Expansion: Gameto’s sample inventory grew exponentially, quickly overwhelming their initial manual tracking and management system.

Sample Retrieval Inefficiencies: The cumbersome process of locating specific samples using outdated methods led to significant delays and potential sample degradation.

Inadequate Audit Trails: Previous systems did not provide a robust mechanism for tracking sample usage and handling, which is critical for compliance with regulatory standards and internal quality controls.

Limited Storage Space: Operating in a shared lab space with finite storage options posed significant logistical challenges as Gameto’s sample volumes increased.

Manual Data Entry Errors: The reliance on manually updated spreadsheets led to frequent data entry errors and outdated information, complicating sample management and risking errors in experimentation.

Complexity in Other Sample Management Software: Early attempts to implement more structured inventory systems encountered issues with complexity and a lack of user-friendliness that discouraged adoption among lab staff.


The Journey:

The process of migrating to Sample Manager took several stages:

Data Assessment and Planning: Initially, Gameto relied on a rudimentary spreadsheet system to manage their samples. As their inventory and team expanded, they identified the need for a more robust system to handle the complexities of their growing operations.

Exploration and Evaluation: The team explored various sample management solutions, assessing them for ease of use, functionality, and integration capabilities. They found many options either too complex for rapid adoption or lacking in critical features.

Decision and Trial: After identifying LabKey Sample Manager as a potential solution due to its user-friendly interface and feature set, Gameto conducted a trial to test the software’s capabilities within its existing workflows.

Customization and Integration: With positive trial results, they customized LabKey Sample Manager to reflect their specific needs, such as adjusting storage configurations and naming conventions to match their lab’s operations.

Implementation and Training: Implementation was quick; a brief training session was enough for the team to become acquainted with the new system due to its intuitive design.

Feedback and Optimization: Continuous feedback was gathered from the team during the initial use phase. This feedback was used to make iterative improvements and ensure the system met all of Gameto’s operational needs.


Why LabKey:

Gameto chose LabKey Sample Manager for several key reasons:

User-Friendly Interface: LabKey Sample Manager features an intuitive interface that significantly reduces the learning curve for new users. This was a crucial factor for Gameto, as they wanted to minimize training time and streamline adoption across their team.

Customization Capability: The flexibility to customize various aspects of the system, including naming patterns, storage configurations, and workflows, allowed Gameto to tailor the software to their specific needs.

Efficient Sample Tracking: The software’s ability to accurately visualize and manage 3D storage environments in a 2D interface greatly improved the efficiency of sample storage and retrieval, reducing errors and saving time.

Robust Audit Trails: LabKey Sample Manager provides comprehensive audit trails, enhancing the traceability of sample handling and usage, which is vital for maintaining compliance with industry standards and internal protocols.

Scalable Solution: The scalability of the system ensured that as Gameto grew, the software could handle an increasing number of samples and data complexity without performance degradation.

Ongoing Support and Development: LabKey’s commitment to continuous improvement and responsive customer support meant that Gameto could rely on getting help when needed and receiving updates that add valuable new features to the system.



After implementing LabKey’s Sample Manager, Gameto experienced significant improvements in sample management efficiency:

Streamlined Sample Management: The integration of LabKey’s Sample Manager significantly streamlined the process of managing samples. Gameto saw a drastic reduction in the time and effort required to locate and verify sample locations, enhancing overall lab efficiency.

Improved Sample Integrity and Tracking: With better tracking and quicker retrieval processes facilitated by the new system, the integrity of samples was notably improved. This reduced the risks associated with sample degradation due to prolonged exposure or misplacement.

Enhanced Documentation and Accountability: The software’s robust audit trails improved documentation practices, ensuring that all sample interactions were logged and traceable. This has been crucial for internal audits and regulatory compliance.

Reduced Training Requirements: The intuitive nature of the software meant that training requirements were minimal, allowing new staff members to quickly become proficient in using the system.

Positive Team Feedback: Feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive, with users appreciating the ease of use and the reduction in manual tasks associated with sample management.

Increased Operational Capacity: The efficient management capabilities of LabKey Sample Manager allowed Gameto to handle a larger inventory of samples without needing to increase its lab management resources.



LabKey’s Sample Manager has proven to be a transformative tool for Gameto, enabling them to efficiently manage a critical aspect of their innovative work in women’s health and IVF technology.


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