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CDMS software for a more efficient and organized clinical trial.

LabKey CDMS software offers a data management solution for multisite clinical trials, addressing the critical challenges of organizing disparate data, fragmented data views and cumbersome manual reporting processes. Designed with compliance at its core, our clinical data management system seamlessly integrates participant, results and sample data in a central repository where it can then undergo quality control checks and preparation for analysis. Additionally, LabKey CDMS has robust reporting capabilities, built-in analysis tools and direct integrations with third-party analysis and visualization software. These features are specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of clinical research efforts. 

Take control of your clinical trial data.

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Improve Data Quality

Ensure accuracy and consistency in clinical trials through entry enforcement checks, QC monitoring, and minimization of manual data entry.

Optimized Data for Better Analysis

Get deeper insights and streamlined reporting with clean and structured data for accurate analysis and informed decision-making.

Seamless Collaboration Across Teams

Foster a collaborative environment with a centralized access point for data, improving coordination and workflows among teams. 

Support for Regulatory Compliance

Achieve and maintain standards of regulatory compliance with rigorous auditing features and precise tracking of data access.

CDMS software for data-intensive clinical trials.

Clinical Data Capture & Alignment

Bring together data from disparate sites and sources for QC, alignment, reporting and analysis.

  • Centralize assay, sample, demographic and clinical data from disparate systems and databases
  • Import CDSIC formats, REDCap files, and CRF data
  • Use ontologies to reconcile data with controlled vocabularies
  • Automate data capture using APIs, script-based pipelines and file upload triggers
LabKey CDMS software
CDMS software visualization of clinical trial data.

Analysis & Reporting

Gain valuable insights using native and third-party data visualization and reporting tools.

  • Align and QC your data in preparation for accurate reporting and analysis
  • Built-in plotting and reporting tools and third party integrations
  • Powerful support for R scripting to generate live reports within LabKey CDMS

Data Quality Control

Improve data quality for greater confidence in reporting and analysis.

  • Use data validators and range checks to verify data integrity and accuracy
  • Use quality control reports to track key QC metrics 
  • Automate quality control checks and data cleanup measures 
  • Define QC workflows to support your internal processes and standards

Clinical Data Compliance

Ensure audit-ready compliance and protect your clinical trial data.

  • De-identify Protected Health Information (PHI) by randomizing participant IDs, shifting dates and masking clinic names
  • Control access and views of data with granular controls at column, participant, data set and study levels
  • Use fine grained role-based permissions to control access to study data while capturing an audit log of all actions performed in the system

Sample Management

Track the complete lifecycle of clinical trial samples and their related data.

  • Manage the receipt, aliquoting, storage and shipment of lab samples 
  • Use workflows to standardize lab procedures and data capture
  • Track chain of custody and maintain an audit-ready log of actions performed on each sample

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