Nestle Research

Assay and Study Management with LabKey Server at Nestlé Research

Bernhard Sonderegger Ph.D., Senior Specialist Data Systems and Management

Presented by Bernhard Sonderegger Ph.D., Senior Specialist Data Systems and Management, Nestlé Research

Bernhard holds a multidisciplinary PhD in biology and computer science from the University of Geneva. He has spent the last 10 years in multiple roles managing computational resources and scientific data at Nestlé. In this presentation he will cover his use of the LabKey assay and study modules as well as new functionality pertaining to data provenance tracking.

Research Data Management Solutions

LabKey has provided Nestlé Research with tailored solutions to address these challenges effectively:

Omics Data Management

At the core of our collaboration, LabKey helps Nestlé manage, integrate, and analyze vast arrays of omics data. By leveraging LabKey’s assay and study modules, Nestlé can streamline the flow of sample data from physical collection through laboratory processing to the generation of actionable insights. This system not only facilitates the efficient organization of data but also supports Nestlé’s collaborative ethos, enabling seamless data exchange with global research partners.

Data Provenance

Understanding the lineage of research data is crucial for ensuring its integrity and reproducibility. LabKey’s provenance module enables Nestlé researchers to meticulously track the journey of data through each experimental and processing step. This comprehensive tracking system, which records every transformation, analysis, and interpretation, fosters transparency and confidence in the research outcomes. By annotating connections with detailed metadata, such as software versions and reference databases used, Nestlé can provide a clear audit trail from raw data to published results.

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