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Integrated software tools for greater efficiency and control of R&D operations.

Our software is designed to eliminate data silos, unify teams and improve the efficiency of biotech and pharma research.

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Improve efficiency and reduce time to market.

For fast moving biotech and pharmaceutical organizations, the power of data cannot be overstated. From drug discovery to clinical trials, the journey of bringing a novel therapeutic product to market is complex and data-intensive. LabKey provides software solutions designed to streamline this journey, ensuring your research moves forward efficiently and securely.

Our partnerships span the entirety of the industry- from small biotech startups to global pharmaceutical companies. No matter their size, each of our engagements is backed by our exceptional support and commitment to the goals of our clients.

Our flexible platform is customizable to meet your specific needs, supporting your growth and adapting to your evolving research requirements. Whether you're a startup or a large multi-national pharmaceutical company, LabKey scales with your organization.

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Drug Discovery & Development

Seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources in support of high-throughput screening, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Our software supports complex data management and analysis that allows your biotech or pharma team to make informed decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Data Management for Clinical Trials

Our software securely manages clinical data, patient demographics, samples and results in support of clinical trials. We streamline the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting data to facilitate quicker paths to market.

Regulatory Compliance and Data Security

LabKey provides robust data management solutions that comply with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and 21 CFR Part 11. Our solutions ensure that your sensitive data is protected, auditable and accessible only to authorized personnel.

See how these biotech & pharma organizations have succeeded with LabKey:

Candel Therapeutics

Sample Manager at Candel Therapeutics

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Inzen Therapeutics

Benchling & LabKey at Inzen Therapeutics

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Q&A Session: Digitizing Cell Therapy Process Development with LabKey Server SDMS

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Explore our software for biotech & pharma:

Lab Sample Management

Sample Manager

Sample management software designed to boost efficiency and productivity. Easily track samples, define workflows, and unify your samples with their assay data- all with full audit and compliance features.

Antibody Discovery

Biologics LIMS

Accelerate biopharma R&D with a user-friendly LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). This suite of tools includes an Electronic Lab Notebook, Sample Manager, Bioregistry and Workflow Manager.

Experiment Documentation & Collaboration

Electronic Lab Notebook

Efficiently document experiments and share ongoing research with our data-connected ELN. This electronic lab notebook is seamlessly integrated with samples, assay data and other registered data.

Mass Spectrometry Software


Easily integrate, organize and share Skyline targeted mass spectrometry documents in a centralized repository. Consistently monitor the performance of instruments to ensure accurate results.

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