Inzen Therapeutics

Playing Nice: Joining LabKey with External Third-party Data Warehouses

Presented by Katie Hughes, Bioinformatics Scientist, Inzen Therapeutics


The data science team at Inzen Therapeutics uses LabKey as a one-stop-shop for data warehousing. Through LabKey’s API, Inzen can access previous experiments and run downstream analyses on proteomics and phenotypic assay data.

This enables Inzen to better understand the intercellular signals sent during the execution of cell death programs, which they have termed “thanokine biology.” The LabKey data warehouse is integrated with Benchling, a suite of tools used for notebook management, molecular biology, and inventory tracking. Benchling includes its own data warehouse, which is projected through a standard Postgres database. To have a single source of truth for analytics, Inzen wanted to keep all records in the same warehouse, namely, LabKey. This talk will outline how Inzen partnered with LabKey to do this and how they were able to develop joint analytical tools that integrate disparate data streams through the unified LabKey API.

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