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Whether your team is working to uncover breakthrough immunotherapy treatments, designing protein-based therapeutics or gathering data to better understand the fundamental characteristics of a rare disease, LabKey products and services provide the tools you need to turn your data into discovery.

LabKey Server

LabKey Server Laboratory Assay Data Integration Software for Pharma and Academic Research

LabKey Server is a powerful open source software platform designed to help teams securely integrate, analyze and share complex biomedical research data. The developer-friendly platform provides a framework for structuring heterogeneous data, ensuring its findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reproducibility.

LabKey Biologics

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LabKey Biologics is a highly flexible software application designed to support large molecule R&D workflows by providing tools for biologics registration, sample lineage tracking, assay data integration, and cell culture media development in a single, easy-to-use environment. 


Panorama is a repository for targeted proteomics assays, implemented as a module within LabKey Server, that integrates into a Skyline proteomics workflow.

LabKey Custom Development

Custom development services are available to Premium Edition clients who would like to extend LabKey Server beyond existing functionality.

“We are excited to build on the rich foundation of LabKey Server. It is unique among tools in this field for its quality, extensibility, and reporting and analytical capabilities.”

Jim Davies, Chief Technology Officer, Genomics England

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