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lab management software

Take control and boost efficiency with our Lab Management Software.

Our lab management software has been developed in collaboration with academic and industry partners to deliver powerful features that are easy to use. Whether your team is working to uncover breakthrough immunotherapy treatments, designing protein-based therapeutics, or managing clinical samples and assay data in support of a clinical trial,  our flexible lab management software can bring ease and efficiency to your data, sample and workflow management.

Our lab management software products include:

Software for managing lab data, samples and workflows.

From tracking lab samples to capturing experiments and integrating data, our lab management software is designed to be flexible, powerful and easy to use.

mass spec software sample management software biologics LIMS

Lab Sample Management

Sample Manager

Easy to use sample management software for any lab, any science. Track samples, define workflows and unify samples assay data. Directly link to samples and data in the fully integrated ELN.

Sample Management

Biologics R&D

Biologics LIMS

Accelerate biopharma R&D with a user-friendly LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). This suite of tools includes an Electronic Lab Notebook, Sample Manager, Bioregistry and Workflow Manager.

Biologics LIMS

Scientific Lab Notebook & Collaboration

Electronic Lab Notebook

Efficiently document experiments, highlight data and share ongoing research. Our user-friendly ELN is seamlessly integrated with lab samples, assay data and other registered data.

Electronic Lab Notebook

Mass Spectrometry Software


Easily integrate, organize and share targeted mass spectrometry documents in a centralized repository. Consistently monitor the performance of instruments to ensure accurate results.

Mass Spectrometry Software
SDMS Software

Scientific Data Management System

Server SDMS

Integrate, analyze, and share your life science data. LabKey Server SDMS is highly customizable for a variety of research protocols, analysis tools, data integrations and compliance needs.

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