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Accelerate and scale antibody discovery workflows with Biologics LIMS.

Speed and efficiency are critical to the success of developing large molecule therapeutics. Biologics LIMS provides an integrated suite of tools that accelerate antibody discovery workflows including screening, hit selection/picking and characterization. The software centralizes data management and connects samples, plates, assays, biological entities, and analyses together for streamlined operations and faster decision-making. 

LIMS software for faster antibody discovery.

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Automatically integrate screening and characterization data with samples and biological entities.

Make faster decisions by collaboratively exploring and analyzing your data.

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Connect samples, plates, entities and data, tracking them through screening rounds and campaigns.

Gain actionable insights by quickly generating analyses for hit selection and reporting.

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Maintain data integrity, entity uniqueness, controlled access, and full auditing of research data.

Document all experiments and processes in an integrated electronic lab notebook.

Integrated software tools for early-stage antibody discovery.

Sample & Plate Management

Track the lineage of samples and plates, connecting them to experiment results and analyses.

  • Manage samples and plates through antibody screening and characterization workflows
  • Capture plate well metadata for inclusion with your sample tracking and analysis
  • Explore automatically maintained relationships between samples, molecules, and sequences

Antibody Screening & Characterization

Capture results of screening rounds and generate analyses for hit selection

  • Capture and analyze plate-based/ immunoassay data including affinity, competitive, and functional assays
  • Enforce consistent structuring of screening and characterization data to support querying and analysis
  • Easily visualize and analyze results using native and external analytics tools


Define and track biological entities and sources related to your campaigns in a central repository.

  • Register antibodies, antigens, sequences, vectors, cell lines and any other campaign-related entities
  • Preserve the uniqueness of each entity, their characteristics and build relationships between them
  • Explore entity lineage and all data captured for an antibodies or other entities

Electronic Lab Notebook

Document experiments and highlight results with the data-connected Biologics ELN.

  • Add context and enrich notebooks by linking to bioregistry entities, samples, assay data and workflows
  • Simplify authoring and review of electronic notebook entries using templates and a streamlined user interface
  • Collaboratively contribute to notebooks and
    sign-off/review processes

Take a tour of Biologics LIMS:

Take a self-guided tour to learn more about the features and capabilities of Biologics LIMS.

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Biologics LIMS Pricing


Perfect for early-stage biotechs looking to centralize and align their R&D data.



Ideal for growing biotechs who require system integrations, extensibility, and support.

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Biological Entity Registration
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Technical Support for Extensibility
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*Pricing for 10 users, billed annually. Volume discount pricing is available.

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