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Accelerate antibody discovery with Biologics LIMS.

Biologics LIMS is a cloud-based antibody discovery software that includes an ELN, Sample Manager, Bioregistry and Workflow Manager. These applications are seamlessly integrated to form a highly efficient laboratory information management system (LIMS) geared toward biotherapeutic R&D. This LIMS software enables biotechs and biopharma research teams to capture, manage and track their samples, data, biological entities and workflows in a single user-friendly system. Biologic LIMS is designed to help biotechs eliminate data silos, improve collaboration and accelerate their antibody discovery.

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LIMS software designed for growing biotechs.

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Centralize and connect your biologics data.

Bring together and interlink all of your biologics R&D data including biological entities, samples and assay data in one central repository.

Connect your electronic notebooks to underlying data.

Capture experiments and integrate structured data in notebook entries with direct links to bioregistry entities, samples and assay data.

Track the lineage of samples and related data.

Track the full lineage of samples and interlink them with related experiments, entities, assay data and analyses.

Manage biologics R&D workflows and requests.

Manage workflows and requests, standardize processes and promote smooth data hand-offs between research teams.

Software tools for antibody discovery.

Electronic Lab Notebook

Document experiments and highlight results with the data-connected Biologics ELN.

  • Add context and enrich notebooks by linking to bioregistry entities, samples, assay data and workflows
  • Simplify authoring and review of electronic notebook entries using templates and a streamlined user interface
  • Collaboratively contribute to notebooks and
    sign-off/review processes

Sample Management

Track sample lineage and connect samples to related experiments, entities and assays.

  • Automatically connect samples and their molecular components to explore complex data relationships.
  • Simplify authoring and review of electronic notebook entries using templates and a streamlined user interface.
  • Collaboratively contribute to notebooks and
    sign-off/review processes


Define and track biological entities
in the Bioregistry.

  • Register molecular entities, nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, expression systems, constructs, vectors and cell lines.
  • Automatically build relationships between entities
    and ensure uniqueness of registered entities
  • Register samples and track lineage, entity relationships and related experiment results

Workflow Management

Manage biologics R&D workflow and requests using our Workflow Manager.

  • Create task-based workflow jobs to standardize lab processes and manage ongoing biologics research.
  • Build workflow tasks with comments, files, assay results, sample data, molecular entity data and other metadata.
  • Manage requests for assays and analyses.

Assay Management

Capture assay data and link to related experiments, entities and samples.

  • Integrate experiment data from any assay,
    connecting results to related samples.
  • Enforce consistent structuring of assay data to support querying and analysis.
  • Easily visualize and analyze results using native and external analytics tools.

Cell Media Registration

Define media recipes and raw ingredients for consistent cell media preparation.

  • Register and track ingredients, recipes, raw materials and batches for consistent media preparation.
  • Connect media batches and entities to samples and downstream results.

Take a tour of Biologics LIMS!

Take an interactive tour to learn more about the features and capabilities of Biologics LIMS.

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Biologics LIMS Pricing


Perfect for early-stage biotechs looking to centralize and align their R&D data.



Ideal for growing biotechs who require system integrations, extensibility, and support.

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Electronic Lab Notebook table check table check
Biological Entity Registration
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Sequence Registration & Annotation
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Compound Registration
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Sample & Entity Lineage Tracking table check table check
Assay Data Management table check table check
Work Request Management table check table check
API Access table check table check
Secure Cloud Hosting table check table check
Audit Trail & 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant table check table check
Analytics Integrations
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Database Integrations
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Automated Data Capture/Transfer table check
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Media Registration table check
Technical Support for Extensibility
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*Pricing for 10 users, billed annually. Volume discount pricing is available.

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