What is a bioregistry?

From cell lines and constructs to their vectors and insert sequences, biotherapeutic development involves many moving parts that need to be defined and connected. Using spreadsheets to manage this data and their inter-relationships is a highly inefficient and error-prone endeavor. Without a central bioregistry to capture and track all of these pieces, researchers could end up with data that is inaccurate, redundant, and insufficient. 

A bioregistry is a structured data repository that helps scientists answer a multitude of questions during the biotherapeutic development process. By efficiently attaining answers to those questions scientists can make data-driven decisions, increase efficiency, and trust the integrity of their data. Time is precious in biotherapeutic development and reducing duplicative efforts and time wasted in finding entity information can be highly advantageous to most organizations. 

Adopting a bioregistry can provide biopharma organizations with the following benefits:


  • Centralization of information for critical biological entities and protection of intellectual property
  • Eliminating duplication and improving data integrity by verifying the uniqueness of entities upon registration
  • Creation of links between samples, entities, electronic lab notebooks and entity creation processes (protein, expression, purification, characterization)

The LabKey Biologics Bioregistry

Biologics LIMS includes a fully integrated bioregistry as part of a suite of integrated software tools for biotherapeutic development. The bioregistry captures complete entity and sample information for molecular entities, nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, expression systems, constructs, vectors and cell lines. Researchers can easily navigate through entities and their relationships. For example, researchers can find a specific molecule and see the component sequences, the samples of that molecule and the assay data associated with those samples.

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