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Our Platform

LabKey Server

Developed to help research organizations integrate, analyze, and share complex biomedical data, LabKey Server is adaptable to a variety of research protocols, analysis tools, and data sharing requirements.

Biologics Research & Development


Designed to support large-molecule research and development, Biologics is an intuitive suite of tools for biological entity registration, workflow management, and integrated data exploration.

Sample Processing & Workflow

Sample Manager

An intuitive sample management application designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of your lab. Easily manage sample lineage, define laboratory workflows, and unify your samples with assay data.

Trusted by More Than 500 Research Organizations Worldwide

Assay Data Integration

Integrate experiment data and metadata from proteomics, genomics, flow cytometry, and other high-throughput assays.

Longitudinal Study Data Management

Connect clinical, demographic, experimental data from study participants to create a complete dataset for analysis.

Biologic Research & Development

Optimize R&D efforts through centralized management of biotherapeutic development pipeline data.

Sample Management

Unify samples with experiment data and manage sample processing workflows via an intuitive user interface.

Research Network Data Centralization

Extend collaboration efforts beyond your organization while maintaining data security.

Population Health Research

Create an aggregated view of patient data for exploration without compromising patient privacy.

Targeted Mass Spectrometry

Centralize Skyline documents to support iterative methods development.

Clinical Document Abstraction

Automate workflows for more efficient abstraction, processing, and validation of free-text data.

Custom Development

Extend LabKey Server to tackle your unique research challenge.

Experience and expertise for any research data challenge.

Since our start in 2003 as a spin out of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, our expertise in providing data management solutions to research organizations has grown exponentially. Click below to read our case studies and learn how LabKey has helped researchers in a variety of fields with their data challenges. 

Working with LabKey

Flexibility to Fit Your Research

LabKey solutions have been developed with an open architecture that can be extended and developed to meet the needs of each unique research environment.

Developed in Partnership with Our Users

Development of the LabKey Server platform and products has been and always will be driven by close working relationships with our clients and our active user community.

Upfront Value Through Incremental Implementation

LabKey solutions are implemented incrementally and tackle key challenges upfront instead of waiting on a cumbersome system-wide implementation.

A Track Record of Success

From small academic labs to large biopharma organizations, LabKey has the expertise and implementation experience to ensure a smooth transition to our solutions.

Access to Your Data

Whereas some vendors will hold your data hostage if your engagement ends, we respect our clients make your data available to you in our community edition or in exported files.

Support for Evolving Research and Technology Needs

LabKey develops long-term client partnerships that evolve with our clients’ needs and infrastructure. We know our clients’ research and technology, so we are prepared to support changing needs.

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