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Your time is valuable.

We believe that your time is best spent devoted to your research rather than battling information bottlenecks. Our team puts their years of experience to work to provide intuitive and reliable solutions for managing your research.

Your data is powerful.

Your data holds the key to life changing scientific insights. LabKey’s biology-aware research data management platform helps teams centralize and organize their complex data to better support discovery.

Your mission is critical.

Your mission to understand, treat, and ultimately cure disease is critical. Helping you be successful in your mission is what drives us to deliver exceptional software solutions and support.

LabKey Software Solutions

All researchers and clinicians dedicated to the common good deserve access to quality informatics tools. Our core platform is open source and freely available, making it an accessible option for research teams of all sizes and funding levels. We also offer premium solutions that help teams tackle more complex data challenges with advanced functionality and professional support.

Working with LabKey

Essential Flexibility with Open Platform Architecture

There is no one size fits all solution for addressing the complex data management needs of biomedical research. That’s why we designed the LabKey Server platform with a flexible and open architecture, so that it can be extended and developed upon to meet the needs of each unique research environment.

Leading Edge Development Driven by User Priorities

Development of the LabKey Server platform is driven by our users’ needs. We gather feedback through close working relationships with our clients and our active user community, and make your priorities ours. Clients can also choose to directly fund high priority development work.

Upfront Value Through Incremental Implementation

With traditional enterprise software, it can take months or even years before you start to reap the benefits of the solution. LabKey solutions are implemented incrementally, tackling key challenges upfront and building from that foundation instead of waiting on a cumbersome system-wide implementation.

Lasting Solutions Through Long-Term Partnership

Research needs often evolve over time. Having a partner that understands your research infrastructure helps minimize the effort needed to accommodate that evolution. LabKey develops long-term partnerships, getting to know our clients’ research and their technology, so we are prepared to support changing needs.

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