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Biomarker Sample Management at Candel Therapeutics

Candel Therapeutics is using LabKey Sample Manager to manage biomarker samples from the clinical sites where they’ve been collected all the way to the externally performed assays.

At the LabKey User Conference, Jessica Dwyer, Biomarker Operations Manager at Candel Therapeutics, shared how her organization is using LabKey Sample Manager for biomarker sample management. Her presentation covers the process of selecting a sample management software, the reasons for choosing sample manager, and how Candel is using the application. 

Candel is an oncolytic viral therapy company producing therapies to target solid tumors. Their approach to immunotherapy centers on oncolytic viruses that induce immunogenic cell death at the site of injection which then unmasks tumor neoantigens. This process has been shown to create a systemic immune response against tumors with evidence of clinical and biomarker activity demonstrated across several solid tumors. The feasibility and tolerability of this approach has been demonstrated in over 700 patients across multiple phases of trials.

Prior to LabKey Sample Manager, biomarker samples from clinical trials were being tracked using excel
spreadsheets. The drawbacks of managing biomarker samples in this way include:

  • Time wasted searching for the latest versions and interpreting data
  • Lack of audit trail and consistency of data between studies
  • Inefficient processes for registering and tracking samples

Candel Therapeutics evaluated three different biomarker sample management solutions including Sample Manager. They were looking for software that provided a complete and searchable audit trail, required minimal implementation time and had features that met their needs without workarounds. After evaluating the options, LabKey Sample Manager was chosen as the solution that most closely matched these requirements. Sample Manager was chosen due to:

  • LabKey’s specialization in the management of clinical trial samples
  • Aliquot features
  • Sample relationship features (data from sample types and sources can be tracked)
  • General ease-of-use 

Watch the video below to learn more about how Candel Therapeutics is using LabKey Sample Manager to manage biomarker samples.

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