SDMS visualization and reporting

Uncover trends and insights using data visualization and reporting tools.

LabKey Server SDMS helps scientists and researchers discover meaningful trends quickly with powerful visualization and reporting tools. Drill down into your integrated data for a deep analysis of unique data points and create visualizations and reports that can be shared with collaborators. The SDMS software includes a range of built-in plotting and reporting tools. For more advanced analysis, utilize LabKey Server’s powerful integrations with a variety of third-party data visualization and reporting tools.

Visualization and reporting tools in LabKey Server SDMS allow you to:

  • Create column visualizations and calculation of column aggregates for single datasets 
  • Use the SQL engine to securely query integrated data, and easily join data across tables
  • Utilize the powerful the R statistical programming environment to create live reports within LabKey Server
  • Connect your data to RStudio, Tableau, Plotly, SQL Server Reporting Service, REDCap and more
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Use built-in and third-party tools to explore your data.

Built-In Data Visualization Tools

Quickly discover meaningful trends with native visualization tools.

  • Create quick column visualizations and calculations of column aggregates for single datasets
  • Use the drag-and-drop chart builder to create more complex visualizations from data grids
  • Leverage the R statistical programming environment to create dynamic reports and visualizations that reflect live datasets

Using External Tools

Extend the power of LabKey Server SDMS by connecting to third-party tools

  • Connect to Tableau, RStudio, Spotfire, MATLAB, Plotly Dash, Excel and other tools
  • Utilize ODBC and JDBC connections to connect LabKey as a data source to external software tools for analysis and reporting.

Data Querying

Analyze your data with robust querying and share your reports.

  • Query reports let you package a query or grid view as a report for sharing and presenting specific data 
  • Query snapshots captures a data query at a moment in time with the data contained remaining fixed even if the original source dataset is updated 
  • Create SQL queries that filter data views, join data from different tables and create staging tables for building reports
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