Freezer management that matches your lab and your workflow.

Freezer management and sample storage are made easy and efficient with LabKey Sample Manager. Create an exact virtual match of the physical storage options in your lab, and track the location and movement of each sample. By using a “sample-centric” approach to freezer management, Sample Manager allows you to manage your samples independent of their freezer storage and allows sample data to continue to live in the system even after a sample is no longer in storage. This flexibility allows for streamlined workflows and reflects the freezer management and sample processing operations in most labs.

  • Create an exact virtual match of freezer storage in your lab 
  • Quickly find specific samples in your freezer 
  • See details of stored samples including freeze/thaw counts, volume and more
  • Visually manage available freezer capacity and sample location
Freezer Management

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User-friendly freezer management.

  • Flexible sample-centric approach that matches and streamlines your lab workflow 
  • Visually manage storage boxes and location of samples
  • Easily manage your sample inventory to find your samples and their related data

Customize to match your sample storage and lab operations.

  • Easily configure the freezer to match the storage in your lab
  • Customize boxes, bags and more to capture lab-specific nomenclature
  • Set read, edit or admin permissions for users in your lab

Track your sample location and freezer inventory.

  • Track the location and movement of your samples within your freezers and boxes
  • Capture volume, freeze/thaw cycles and check-in/out events easily through the UI or with our bulk update option
  • Gain a fuller understanding of the freezer by interrogating the location history for a given cell
  • Use the grid view to search for samples at any level in the freezer

Sample-centric freezer management allows for greater flexibility.

  • Pre-register samples before they arrive for laboratory efficiency
  • Track sample metadata, workflow jobs and related assay data even after the sample has been consumed or discarded from the freezer
  • Assign sample lineage to provide context to the sample’s origin

Take a tour of Sample Manager!