Lab workflow management software that puts you in control.

Lab workflow management in Sample Manager helps you standardize lab processes and promotes collaboration in the lab. Workflow templates can be used to standardize any process including sample receipt, shipping, handling and preparation of your lab samples. Lab workflows can also be used to guide assay data collection or other sample processing operations. Tasks within lab workflow jobs can be assigned to staff with due dates and priority levels. Comments, files and assay results relating to a task can also be captured within the lab workflow tasks.

Our lab workflow management features allow you to:

  • Easily monitor and manage all ongoing sample processing in the lab
  • Standardize any lab process or procedure using workflow templates
  • Collaborate by assigning staff, adding comments, and uploading files to tasks
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Manage lab workflows with ease and efficiency.

Standardize your lab processes with lab workflow templates.

  • Create workflow templates with tasks assigned to laboratory staff
  • Include specific sets of samples in your workflow jobs and templates
  • Add instructions to your workflows to further solidify lab procedures
Lab Workflow

Improve collaboration and accountability in your lab.

  • Assign tasks to users with instructions, due dates, and priority levels
  • Notify staff of their upcoming work using notification settings on each workflow
  • Lab staff can update their progress, add comments, indicate the location of samples, and upload files as they complete tasks

Easily manage sample processing across your entire lab.

  • Easily see a laboratory-wide view of lab work using the job queue dashboard
  • Efficiently Manage lab capacity and resources by monitoring ongoing, upcoming, and completed sample processing work
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