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Why do labs and research organizations worldwide choose LabKey as a partner?

Labs and research organizations choose LabKey for comprehensive, customizable data management solutions that integrate seamlessly into research workflows. With a focus on partnering with our clients, LabKey helps ensure scientific data integrity for researchers globally.

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Our History

  • For over 20 years, LabKey has provided scientific data management solutions to research organizations worldwide.
  • Our growth has led us from providing a solution for proteomics research to now offering a range of scalable products that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of scientific research.
  • Throughout our history, input and guidance from scientists and researchers has been a critical component of shaping our software solutions.
  • This collaborative approach to product development ensures that our products remain on the cutting edge of scientific software solutions.


Our Approach

  • We know that implementing a new system can be difficult. Our proven approach to partnering helps you realize the early “wins” that lay the foundation for successful implementation and system adoption within your organization.
  • Our Account Managers provide hands-on support and scientific data management expertise to help you meet your objectives. We learn about your use case, challenges and goals so that we can fully support your organization as it grows.
  • By working with LabKey, you play a critical role in shaping the features and future of our products. Direct feedback to our engineering and product teams is highly valued and important for our continued success. 


Our Expertise

  • More than a software company, LabKey is a science company. Our account management and support staff includes scientists and researchers that are experts in addressing the challenges faced by our clients.
  • Working in both software and science requires continuous learning and refinement. It is through this combined experience that we have developed a deep knowledge of best practices for managing scientific data.   
  • Truly innovative and impactful software requires world-class software engineers. Our engineering team has decades of experience in building scientific software that is stable, secure and scalable.

Our Products:

LabKey Server SDMS

LabKey Server SDMS is a cloud-based SDMS software (scientific data management system) designed to help research organizations manage and analyze their scientific data. The SDMS is highly flexible and customizable to meet the data management, analysis, security and compliance needs of researchers.


LabKey CDMS software offers a data management solution for multisite clinical trials, addressing the critical challenges of organizing disparate data, fragmented data views and cumbersome manual reporting processes. Designed with compliance at its core, our clinical data management system seamlessly integrates participant, results and sample data in a central repository where it can then undergo quality control checks and preparation for analysis.

Biologics LIMS

Biologics LIMS provides an integrated suite of tools that accelerate antibody discovery workflows including screening, hit selection/picking and characterization. The software centralizes data management and connects samples, plates, assays, biological entities, and analyses together for streamlined operations and faster decision-making.

Sample Manager

Sample Manager is a cloud-based sample management software providing complete sample tracking, freezer management, lab workflow management, and compliance features to fit labs of all sizes. This solution tracks the entire lifecycle of your sample inventory including the registration, receipt, aliquoting, storage, data integration, shipping and chain-of-custody of lab samples.

Electronic Lab Notebook

Our user-friendly electronic lab notebook (ELN) is designed to help scientists efficiently document their experiments and share their ongoing research. This data-connected ELN is seamlessly integrated with samples, assay data and other registered data. Having an integrated experiment documentation tool within LabKey products helps improve the data integrity, collaboration and efficiency of scientific R&D.


Panorama is a cloud-based targeted mass spectrometry software that serves as a central data repository for managing Skyline analysis results. The system integrates closely with Skyline to create a workflow that supports aggregating, curating, and sharing experiment results. Panorama is also used to continuously monitor the performance of lab instruments and reagents for system suitability with the Panorama QC tools.

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