Seattle Childrens

Building a Platform for Immunotherapy Clinical Trials with LabKey Server

Olivia Finney, Ph.D., Correlative Studies Laboratory Manager, Seattle Children’s Research Institute


The Immunotherapy Integration Hub at Seattle Children’s conducts immunotherapy clinical trials in which a patient’s own immune cells are engineered in order to better fight cancer cells. The Correlative Studies Laboratory (CSL) focuses on understanding how these reprogrammed T cells react in each patient in terms of their persistence, functionality and efficiency at reducing tumor burden. Combined with manufacturing and clinical data generated during clinical trials, these data enable researchers to answer pressing questions with minimal time and resource investment. However, management of the data across different groups and clinical sites of these diverse datasets is complex, and informatics systems are required to integrate datasets from repositories, reference labs and clinical labs.

The CSL has been working with LabKey to integrate, analyze and securely share data generated by these various teams in order to create a truly translational research model. Over the past five years, the CSL has uploaded data for six ongoing clinical trials. They have been working with the LabKey team to customize the database without the use of a full-time developer and to make use of the many “out-of-the-box” interfaces that it provides, specifically the application of the flow cytometry, Luminex and general assay modules for assay data, the use of surveys to track specimens, and integration with Medidata Rave for integration of the clinical database. This presentation will highlight their work-in-progress on database development and management as the clinical trials at the Immunotherapy Integration Hub continue to expand and grow.

Speaker Bio: Olivia Finney has been leading the Correlative Studies Laboratory at the Immunotherapy Integration Hub at Seattle Children’s since 2013, where she studies the immunological factors influencing the success or failure of CAR T cell therapy in children with both blood cancers and solid tumors. Her long-term research interest is to use clinical trial samples and data to understand how the immune response responds to treatment, in particular immunotherapy. Olivia’s background includes human immunological studies at the Medical Research Council (UK) in The Gambia and Phase I vaccine studies at Seattle BioMed. She received her BSc from Imperial College London, and her PhD from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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