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Biotech software designed to accelerate R&D.

LabKey cloud-based biotech software meets the data, sample and workflow management needs of biologics R&D. Our biotech software products have the features, flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of biologics research at any stage of development. 

Biologics LIMS integrates our Bioregistry, ELN, Sample Manager and other tools to form a cohesive “data-connected” application that eliminates data silos and promotes collaboration.

Sample Manager (available as a standalone or as part of Biologics LIMS) is an easy-to-use application for managing samples, assay data, and workflows. 

Panorama, our targeted mass spectrometry software integrates closely with Skyline to create a workflow that supports aggregating, curating, and sharing experiment results.

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Software for managing biotech samples, data and workflows.

  • Centralize, QC and align biotech R&D data with related samples
  • Surface and highlight your data with direct links in ELN notebooks
  • Manage lab freezers and track samples through their entire lifecycle
  • Standardize R&D processes and promote smooth hand-offs with workflow management
  • Connect to third-party systems for further analysis and data exploration

Biotech software that grows with you and your team.

Sample Management

Sample Manager

Track lab samples including registration/receipt, aliquoting, freezer storage, data integration, shipping, chain-of-custody and experiment documentation (ELN).

  • Track samples through their complete lifecycle 
  • Capture sample related data and document lab work in the integrated ELN
  • Use workflows to standardize lab procedures and experiments
  • Maintain an audit-ready log of actions performed on each sample

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Biologics LIMS

This suite of tools consists of a seamlessly integrated ELN, Sample Manager, Bioregistry and Workflow Manager.  

  • Document experiments and highlight results by referencing related samples, assay data and biological entities in ELN entries
  • Track sample lineage and interlink samples with related experiments, entities and assay data 
  • Centralize and connect biologics R&D data including biological entities and assay data 
  • Manage workflows to standardize processes and promote smooth data hand-offs 

Targeted Mass Spectrometry


Our targeted mass spectrometry repository software integrates closely with Skyline and is collaboratively developed with the MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington, the developers of Skyline.

  • Easily integrate, organize and share targeted mass spectrometry documents in a centralized repository.
  • Capture and connect previous experimental results to support efficient iterative method development.
  • Consistently monitor the performance of instruments and reagents used to ensure robust results.

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