green colored strand of dna structure

LabKey Biologics for Cell Line Development at Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Developing biopharmaceuticals is an increasingly important endeavor in the drug discovery efforts of almost every major pharmaceutical company. High-yield, stably expressing cell lines are of critical importance for economically viable biopharmaceutical production processes. Tracking CLD processes can be challenging due to the number of clones generated, as well as the high number of tests performed to identify producer cell lines suitable for industrial, large-scale manufacturing processes.

In this presentation at the LabKey User Conference, Bo Zhai of Janssen Research & Development explains how he implemented LabKey Biologics to map the entire cell line development process with proper lineage tracking. The enterprise-level bioinformatics platform also assisted in associating the molecule entity as well as analytical testing information with samples at different CLD stages to effectively reduce the clone selection timeline.

About LabKey Biologics LIMS

Biologics LIMS is a flexible LIMS software platform providing biopharmaceutical researchers with an intuitive suite of tools for biological entity registration, workflow management, and integrated data exploration. The platform provides researchers with a complete data landscape by tracking generations of proteins, plasmids and physical samples, and connecting design data to related assay results. Learn more about LabKey Biologics LIMS by exploring the features below:

Bioregistry – Capture structured data of all biological entities and samples.

Electronic Lab Notebook – Create data-rich notebooks with a fully integrated ELN.

Biologics Assay Management – Integrate experiment data from any assay, connecting results to sample details and lineage information.

Biologics Workflow Manager – Manage and optimize your Biologics development processes.

Sample & Plate Management – Connect your plates and samples through antibody discovery workflows.


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