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Biologics LIMS software for biotechs

Connecting Biologics LIMS to Enterprise Systems

Presented by Adam Rauch, VP of Product Strategy


Biologics LIMS is a highly extensible application that can fit into the existing data infrastructure of any biotherapeutic R&D operation. In this presentation, Adam Rauch, VP of Product Strategy, shares how Biologics LIMS connects to external databases, file systems, analysis tools, sequencing software and instrument data to serve as a central data hub of biotherapeutic R&D.

Biologics LIMS software for biotechs

Featured in this webinar:

Biologics LIMS

Biologics LIMS is a cloud-based suite of tools that includes an ELN, Sample Manager, Bioregistry and Workflow Manager that are seamlessly integrated to form a highly efficient laboratory information management system designed to accelerate biotherapeutic R&D.

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