Lab Data Management with LabKey Server

Integrate, analyze and manage all of your laboratory data in one flexible platform.

LabKey Server is a highly configurable lab data management software that can match your exact requirements for data integration, analysis, workflows, security, and compliance. Data from laboratory instruments, software and external databases can be easily integrated and aligned with clinical and sample-related data in one secure system. As a central lab data management hub developed specifically for scientific research, LabKey Server ensures the integrity of your data with defined quality control workflows and automation tools. Lab data stored in LabKey Server can be analyzed using an array of built-in visualization and reporting tools, or analyzed via direct integrations with third-party analysis software.

  • Centralize your lab data management with support for NAb, ELISA, Luminex, flow cytometry, sequencing, mass spectrometry, and more
  • Harmonize lab data with clinical, demographic and sample related data
  • Analyze lab data with built-in visualizations and third-party analysis tools 
  • Automate lab data quality control and create QC workflows
  • Connect to external data sources and lab management software as well as to downstream systems and analysis tools
  • Permission based access and compliance with HIPAA, FISMA and CFR Part 11

Explore our lab data management platform.

LabKey Server for lab data management

Centralize and align all of your scientific research data in one secure system.

Improve data integrity with quality control tools, workflows and automation.

Discover trends and insights faster with reporting and analysis tools.

Improve data visibility and collaboration within your organization

LabKey Server is designed to capture large quantities of structured data from lab instruments, databases and third party software applications. Virtually any type of laboratory data can. be captured and integrated with related demographics, clinical results, and calculated values. LabKey Server’s flexible data structures makes it easy to manage your lab data and curate datasets for analysis.

  • Support for NAb, Luminex, flow cytometry, proteomics, and other instrument types
  • Model and import virtually any type of laboratory data using general purpose templates 
  • Connect external data sources including a variety of databases and lab software
  • Clean and shape your data as well as automate calculation of values during import
  • Align and unify data from variable sources

Review your data after import to ensure that only clean and relevant information is integrated with related patient or sample information. Depending on the type and structures of your data, a variety of quality control checks are available.

  • Use Data validators and range checks are also provided to ensure that the right data is entered into the system.
  • Use quality control reports to track key QC metrics 
  • Automate quality control checks and data cleanup measures 
  • Define QC workflows to support your internal processes and standards.

LabKey Server helps scientists and researchers discover meaningful trends more quickly with powerful visualization and analysis tools. Drill down into your data for deeper analysis of unique data points and create visualization and reports that can be shared with collaborators. For more advanced analysis, utilize LabKey Server’s powerful integrations with a variety of scientific data analysis tools.

  • Supports column visualizations and calculation of column aggregates for single datasets 
  • Use the full-featured SQL engine to securely query integrated data, and easily join data across tables
  • Connect your data to RStudio, Tableau, Plotly, SQL Server Reporting Service, REDCap and more
  • Utilize the powerful the R statistical programming environment to create live reports within LabKey Server
Clinical study visualization and analysis tools

Assay Requests & Fulfillment Tracking

Centrally manage assay requests and their fulfillment, including the delivery of final results using LabKey Server’s assay request tracking tool. Cut down on inefficient and often-error prone email requests and streamline the workflow for both requestors and lab staff.

See Lab Data Management in LabKey Server

See how LabKey Server can help evaluate media recipes for T-Cell cultures using custom assay designs and analysis tools. 


Accelerating Experiment Analysis at the labs of Jennifer Adair and Hans-Peter Kiem

At the Adair and Keim labs, LabKey Server-based assay tools free lab members to focus on data interpretation instead of manual processing, helping them look quickly across results collected from multiple experiments over time and enabling them to scale up analysis as fast as sequencing throughput.