Build custom applications and integrations using the Server SDMS developer tools.

LabKey Server SDMS is highly extensible with robust developer features that allow for customization. Client API libraries provide secure, auditable, programmatic access to the SDMS software data and services, and allow teams to extend and leverage LabKey Server from other applications. LabKey supports a variety of programming languages, enabling developers to build everything from simple customization scripts to sophisticated stand-alone applications to meet their research goals.

Developer tools in LabKey Server SDMS allow you to:

  • Use APIs to securely connect third-party software to Server SDMS data and services 
  • Transform, validate and report on data using scripting tools
  • Create new functionality by packaging code into modules that can be easily deployed
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Create an SDMS that fits your research and data management needs.

Client APIs

Securely connect to Server SDMS data and services using APIs.

  • Analyze and visualize data stored in LabKey in a statistical tool such as R or SAS
  • Perform routine, automated tasks in a programmatic way.
  • Query and manipulate data in a repeatable and consistent way.
  • Enable customized data visualizations or user interfaces for specific tasks that appear as part of the existing LabKey Server user interface.


Validate and manipulate data during import, and build custom reports.

  • Write transform scripts for assay data in virtually any language to reshape data prior to import
  • Write trigger scripts to validate data, calculate values and update related tables
  • Use R scripts to analyze and visualize live data within Server SDMS
  • Utilize pipelines to run multiple scripts in sequence

Custom Modules

Develop larger features in Server SDMS by packaging custom code as modules.

  • Package code and resources together for simple deployment
  • Create file-based modules with multiple resources including SQL queries, R reports and HTML views
  • Create module-based assays to create new assay types with a custom schema and interface
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