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Manage the entire lifecycle of your lab samples with ease and efficiency.

LabKey Sample Manager is a cloud-hosted sample management software designed to be easy-to-use while providing powerful sample tracking and lab workflow features. From registering samples and freezer management to guiding sample processing tasks and assay data capture with workflows, Sample Manager tracks the entire lifecycle of samples within your lab. Easily manage your freezer capacity, track sample history and unify samples with related assay results.

  • Intuitive interface designed to bring ease and efficiency to sample processing work 
  • Easily manage freezer capacity and location of sample inventory
  • Use customizable workflows to standardize and manage sample processing procedures 
  • Unify samples with their related experiment data 
  • Support for HIPAA and CFR Part 11 Compliance
Sample Management Software

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Track samples through their entire life-cycle in the lab.

  • Capture the entire chain-of-custody and history of each sample
  • Define your sample types and sources with customizable metadata
  • Use workflows to define and track sample processing within the lab
  • Easily navigate the lineage of samples and manage your sample inventory

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Easily manage sample storage and freezer capacity.

  • Configure to match the freezers and storage options used in the lab
  • Track the movement of samples in and out of the freezer 
  • Capture sample storage, volume and freeze/thaw history 
  • Visually manage freezer capacity and sample storage location

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Use workflows to collaborate and standardize processes.

  • Create custom workflows to match any lab process
  • Collaborate with teams by assigning tasks, priority and due dates for work
  • Manage workloads by viewing a laboratory-wide view of sample processing work
  • Standardize processes by creating templates

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Unify your samples with experiment results.

  • Aggregate all assay data related to samples in one system
  • Import any type of sample related assay data collected in your lab
  • Track status and progress of ongoing experiments

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