LabKey Sample Manager

Sample management software that keeps up with your samples, and your science.

Complete laboratory sample management with sample tracking, data integration, and workflow tools.

Developed in collaboration with our lab partners, LabKey Sample Manager is a feature-rich and intuitive sample management software designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of your lab. Easily track samples, manage their lineage, define laboratory workflows, and unify your samples with assay data. Built on the foundation of the LabKey Server platform, Sample Manager can be augmented and configured to handle a variety of data management and analysis functions.

  • End-to-end sample tracking features including chain-of-custody tracking,  sample types and sources, and lineage views
  • Integrate assay data with your samples and assign metadata for a complete picture of your ongoing experiments 
  • Assign samples to user-defined workflows and monitor the workflow completion status at each stage for every sample
Sample Management Software

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Tracking Sample Lineage

Sample Tracking

Define your sample types within LabKey Sample Manager and determine what fields you want to track for each type.  LabKey Sample Manager automatically creates unique Sample IDs, or you can import your own Sample IDs. Quickly determine the derivation of samples by easily assigning, navigating, and querying their lineage.

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Integrated Assay Data

LabKey Sample Manager allows you to integrate the assay data collected in your lab, providing a single system for aggregating not only the analyses that have been performed, but also all the data related to the sample itself to provide a unified view of samples and related assay results. 

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Assay Data integration
lab workflow tasks

Lab Workflow Management

LabKey Sample Manager enables team-based science. By creating workflows with specific assigned steps, members of your lab easily understand their upcoming tasks. By tracking the management of these samples through these workflows, everyone in the lab has both an individual view of work needed to accomplish, and a laboratory-wide understanding of how projects are being completed.

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