Sample management software your lab will love.

Sample Manager is a cloud-based sample management software providing complete sample trackingfreezer managementlab workflow management, and compliance features to fit labs of all sizes. Sample Manager tracks the entire lifecycle of your sample inventory including the registration, receipt, aliquoting, storage, data integration, shipping and chain-of-custody of lab samples. This easy-to-use sample management software can be quickly set up to meet the sample management workflows and protocols used in your laboratory. The sample management system also supports laboratories seeking to meet regulatory requirements such as CFR Part 11 and HIPAA.

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Easy-to-use sample management software for any size lab.

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Manage the complete lifecycle of your lab samples.

Track every aspect of your sample processing including receipt, registration, freezer storage, aliquoting, assays and shipping.

Register any type of sample with all of the metadata you need.

Define unlimited samples types, sources, and custom fields needed to describe your samples.

Automatically capture an audit-ready log of actions performed on samples.

Track the complete chain-of-custody and details of every event in the lifecycle of your lab samples.

Standardize lab processes and collaborate using workflows.

Create task-based workflow templates to match lab processes, guide data collection and facilitate hand-offs between staff. 

Sample management software designed to boost the efficiency & productivity of your lab.

Freezer Management

Manage lab freezers and storage of your sample inventory.

  • Setup the system to match the freezers and storage options used in the lab
  • Track the movement of samples in and out of the freezer
  • Capture sample storage, amount and freeze/thaw history
  • Visually manage freezer capacity and storage location of samples

Sample Inventory Tracking

Track the entire life-cycle of your lab samples.

  • Easily navigate the lineage of samples and aliquots
  • Capture the entire chain-of-custody and history of each sample
  • Define your sample types and sources with customizable metadata
  • Customize specific sample statuses to indicate the processing stage of samples (received, analyzed, shipped, etc)

Electronic Lab Notebook

Document lab work by linking to samples and assay data within entries.

  • Add context and enrich notebooks by linking to sources, samples and assay data
  • Simplify authoring and review of electronic notebook entries using templates and electronic signatures
  • Collaboratively contribute to notebooks and sign-off/review processes

Lab Workflow Management

Use workflows to standardize lab processes and collaborate.

  • Create custom workflows to match any lab process
  • Assign tasks, priority level and due dates for upcoming lab work
  • Manage workloads by viewing a laboratory-wide view of sample processing work
  • Save time and standardize processes by creating workflow templates

Assay Data Management

Unify your samples with experiment results.

  • Aggregate all assay data related to samples in one system
  • Import any type of sample related assay data collected in your lab
  • Enforce consistent structuring of data to support querying and data integrity
  • Use workflows to guide data capture and to track the status/progress of ongoing experiments

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Sample Manager Pricing


Perfect for labs wanting to track samples and their freezer storage.



Ideal for labs capturing experimental data and documenting work via ELN and workflow.


Freezer Management table check table check
Sample Registration table check table check
Source Registration table check table check
Sample Lineage table check table check
Audit Trail & CFR Part 11 Compliance Support
table check table check
Secure Cloud Hosting
table check table check
Implementation, Training & Support table check table check
Electronic Lab Notebook table check
Assay Data Management table check
Workflow Management table check
API Access & Support table check
Backup Retention 90 days 180 days
HIPAA Compliance
Software Validation
*Pricing for 5 users, billed annually. Volume discount pricing is available. 

Sample Manager Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’re always here to help. Sample Manager clients are provided with included training and onboarding assistance, as well as comprehensive online documentation.

The Professional edition of Sample Manager offers APIs (JavaScript, Python, R) to integrate with third-party systems. Additionally, our LabKey Server SDMS (that includes Sample Manager) has built-in integrations with external databases, analytics tools, and more.

Yes, users can create their own (unlimited) fields for each Sample Type, Source Type and Assay Type they create. Custom fields can be used for a variety of uses including tracking shipments and QC status.

Yes, Sample Manager supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. HIPAA-compliant hosting and features are available as an add-on.

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