Solution Design Engagement

Our low-risk “proof-of-concept” model helps you quickly realize the full potential of LabKey for your organization. We provide the training, platform expertise and project management to help you succeed.

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Ensure a seamless transition to LabKey and create a viable solution for your research.

Integrate a sample of
your data, with the
ability to query, analyze and dashboard.

Utilize LabKey expertise and project management to guide adoption and configuration.

Gain insight from a
gap analysis of your
data management

Week 1

Initial Meeting

Project kick-off and planning

  • Introduction to stakeholders / roles, establish point-of-contact
  • Determine priorities & objectives
  • Review current data and / or workflow
  • Meeting Schedule & Training plan

Week 2 & 3

Implementation & Configuration

Setup & deployment of the solution

  • Authentication, permissions, and PHI
  • Configure tables to support current data and manual import
  • Begin training for administrators, end users and developers
  • Provide support to query and analyze data using native and external software

Week 4 +

Additional Configuration & Development

Planning for additional configuration and development
if needed

  • Considerations for third-party systems and software integrations to streamline data
  • Evaluate, review and test options for automating the import of dataset files.
  • Identify use-cases and requirements that call for custom content.

Every Solution Design Engagement Includes:

LabKey Server Enterprise Edition

Support and premium features that are designed for organizations with complex informatics, infrastructure, data integration, and compliance requirements. We will assist in configuring and testing the installation of LabKey Server SDMS to ensure a rapid rollout of your solution.

Project Management

We create a detailed project plan with defined deliverables and success metrics. We work with you to gather the requirements, use case scenarios and priorities for your organization. During the engagement, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will conduct regular meetings to share progress and gather feedback.

Configuration & Design

We translate your requirements and use case scenarios into configured features and functionality within LabKey Server. This configuration can be further expanded at the end of the program if you choose to continue working with LabKey.


LabKey provides user and administrator training sessions tailored to your organization. Additionally, LabKey will provide developer training on the use of our robust client APIs, ETLs, Modules and other developer-related features.


LabKey technical support will guide your organization towards the successful implementation and configuration of LabKey Server. During the engagement, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will conduct regular meetings to share progress and gather feedback.

Partnering for Success

Achieving Rapid Results with LabKey

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