Managing Biomarker Samples with LabKey Sample Manager

Jess Dwyer, Biomarker Operations Manager, Candel Therapeutics


Candel Therapeutics focuses on immunotherapy for solid tumors using oncolytic viruses. Facing challenges with spreadsheets for sample tracking, they adopted Sample Manager for its audit trail, searchability, and tailored features. The implementation process was quick, and the organization appreciates the ability to track aliquots and manage sample relationships in a centralized system.


A Customizable Sample Tracking Solution

When Candel embarked on their search for a comprehensive solution, LabKey’s Sample Manager emerged as the ideal choice. The platform’s capabilities were closely aligned with Candel’s specific requirements, offering a seamless transition from their existing processes and significantly enhancing their sample management efficiency.

Key benefits of LabKey Sample Manager for Candel included:

  • Precise Aliquot Tracking: Our system’s robust tracking capabilities allowed for detailed management of the numerous aliquots derived from each blood sample, a critical aspect of Candel’s research.
  • Streamlined Sample Relationships: LabKey Sample Manager excels in managing complex sample hierarchies, enabling Candel to easily document and visualize the lineage and relationships between parent and derivative samples.
  • Intuitive User Experience: The platform’s user-friendly interface, including a comprehensive dashboard and efficient bulk uploading features, facilitated a smooth transition for Candel’s team, reducing the learning curve and improving data management workflows.
  • Rapid and Effective Implementation: Leveraging LabKey’s extensive experience in supporting clinical trials, Candel was able to quickly implement the system, ensuring minimal downtime and immediate benefits to their sample management processes.

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