Register and connect your related sequences, molecules and other biological entities.

The bioregistry included with Biologics LIMS  serves as a comprehensive database of biological entities related to antibody discovery. This includes details about antibodies, sequences, cell lines, and other biological molecules that are being studied. The bioregistry contains information and metadata that allows scientists to easily find, view, and navigate lineage and data relationships between entities. For example, the bioregistry can be used to find a specific molecule with its component protein sequences and see all result data generated from its samples at different stages. It also provides calculated physical properties needed for analysis.

The bioregistry in Biologics LIMS allows you to:

  • Improve data integrity by centralizing the capture of sequences, molecules, vectors, and more with relevant metadata.
  • Distinguish between variants being characterized and gain insight from interrogating data relationships.
  • Capture and query data and metadata about related entities to support data-driven decision-making.
  • Register entities individually using the registration wizard, in bulk through supported file types, and programmatically using the LabKey API.

Capture and analyze biological entity information using the bioregistry.

Sequence Registration

Register and annotate sequences while tracking their usage and variations.

  • Automatically register and annotate sequences from files, classify protein sequences, and calculate physical properties for analysis.
  • Generate alternative translation of sequences, track sequence variants, and track usage of sequence constructs while maintaining relationships to original entities.
  • Maintain uniqueness of sequences and other entities to prevent duplicative work.

Molecule Registration

Capture crucial information for molecular entities, calculate their physical properties and ensure their uniqueness.

  • Build unique molecules from registered components and track usage throughout the system.
  • Automatically classify molecules and calculate physical properties for analysis.
  • View all data generated for a candidate molecule allowing the analysis of experimental results through many processes and derivations.

Library Registration

Register viral, bacterial, mammalian and human derived libraries for antibody discovery.

  • Create, customize, and edit the characteristics of bioregistry entities and define the relationships between them.
  • Register entities individually using the registration wizard, in bulk through supported file types, and programmatically using the LabKey API.
  • Create samples from registered entities to track their lifecycle and capture results during each stage.
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