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Sample Manager at Seattle Children's Therapeutics ... and Beyond

Presented by Douglas Joerss, BrainChild Bio

Doug Joerss shares the story of implementing Sample Manager at Seattle Children’s, and then doing it again at BrainChild Bio, a kids-first, clinical-stage biotech using CAR-T cell to treat CNS tumors in pediatric patients.


In this presentation, Doug Joerss, a research scientist formerly with Seattle Children’s Therapeutics and now with BrainChild Bio, discusses the evolution of lab management systems he has experienced. He starts with the challenges of older, custom-built software that lacked essential functionalities like batch tracking and efficient data handling. Doug describes the transition to Sample Manager, which brought significant improvements in managing laboratory data.

Doug outlines the benefits of adopting Sample Manager, such as improved audit capabilities, enhanced lineage tracking, and the introduction of bulk import features, which reduced the burden of manual data entry. His experience highlights the practical improvements in workflow efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards, essential for their work in cell therapy. The presentation offers a straightforward look at the steps taken to enhance lab operations and the direct impact of these changes on research productivity and management.

Part of the 2024 Sample Manager User Conference

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