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March 28th, 2024

Welcome and Product Update

by Hannah Brakke, Director of Product at LabKey

We are excited to share the latest features and updates and offer training sessions for both novice and seasoned users. The Sample Manager User Conference included:

  • Presentations by fellow users showcasing real-world applications of Sample Manager
  • Best practices for setting up Sample Manager to fit your lab and processes
  • Highlights of advanced features and tips for making the most of Sample Manager in the lab

Download the product update slides with the user conference agenda here:

User Conference Presentations

Sample Spring Cleaning

Lance Ludwick shares how Sample Manager can make regular maintenance in your lab significantly less of a headache.

Sample Manager at Gameto

Alexandra Figueroa explains why and how Gameto adopted Sample Manager.

Optimizing Operations at GBF

Ty Schildts shares how implementing Sample Manager helped streamline operations at the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility, one of only six US-based combined cell therapy and protein manufacturing facilities.

Designing Sample Manager

Andrew Otwell presents how his team uses UX research to improve Sample Manager’s reflection of real-world laboratory processes and conditions.

Seattle Children to BrainChild Bio

Doug Joerss shares the story of implementing Sample Manager at Seattle Children’s, and then doing it again at BrainChild Bio, a kids-first, clinical-stage biotech using CAR-T cell to treat CNS tumors in pediatric patients.

Managing Laboratory Processes with Sample Manager

This training by Hannah Brakke shows how Sample Manager users can utilize multiple tools in the product to manage laboratory processes.

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