Benchling Data Integration at Inzen

Integrating Benchling Data in LabKey at Inzen Therapeutics

At Inzen Therapeutics, the data science team uses LabKey Server SDMS as a one-stop-shop for data warehousing. Their goal is to help bench scientists quickly answer questions about their data. Through LabKey’s API, Inzen can access previous experiments and run downstream analyses on proteomics and phenotypic assay data. This enables Inzen to better understand the intercellular signals sent during execution of cell death programs, which they have termed “thanokine biology.”

Integrating Benchling Data with the LabKey API

Lab scientists at Inzen use Benchling, a suite of tools used for notebook management, molecular biology, and inventory tracking. It includes its own data warehouse, which contained the sample metadata. However, data scientists at Inzen use LabKey Server for other lab data management functions including storage of all omics data, metadata on measurements, hit lists from previous experiments and curated annotation sets. Knowing LabKey has handled other integrations like Tableau, to help their scientists Inzen knew they would have to integrate the Benchling data warehouse with LabKey to establish a single source of truth and develop core analytical pipelines. 

Watch the video below to learn how the data science team at Inzen integrated disparate data streams from Benchling and LabKey using the unified LabKey API.

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