Efficiently manage antibody screening and characterization for faster candidate selection.

Biologics LIMS includes extensive support for antibody screening and characterization workflows. This includes registration of libraries and materials, tracking plates and samples through rounds and automatically connecting assay data for analysis. By gathering and analyzing your antibody screening data in a central application you can streamline your antibody discovery operations and ensure the data integrity of your campaigns and rounds. 

Accelerate your antibody discovery campaigns by:

  • Reducing dependency on spreadsheets and centralizing data capture and tracking
  • Automating data capture from assays including plate-based ELISA, MSD, BLI, qPCR, and other affinity, competitive, and functional assays
  • Generating analyses, reports and visualizations to help characterize and select your candidates
  • Authoring and sharing your findings with an integrated and data-connected electronic lab notebook

Accelerate antibody screening and characterization workflows.

Antibody Screening & Hit Selection

Easily manage high-volume screening and hit selection processes.

  • Track plated libraries and sequences through consecutive screening rounds, capturing data required for selection throughout
  • Automatically generate common analyses and use calculations, plots, and data grid tools like sorting/filtering for hit selection
  • Propagate forward into new plates, tracking derivations and relationships to previous work

Assay Data Management

Capture, connect and analyze assay data.

  • Import data from instruments through files or using the LabKey API for affinity, competitive, functional, and other assays
  • Automatically connect assay data with samples, plates and bioregistry entities in the system
  • Analyze data for multiple runs of the same type or look across types to meet broader decision criteria
  • QC results before they are available for general viewing

Antibody Characterization & Analysis

Quickly generate analyses for characterization and selection of candidates.

  • Characterize sequences and molecules using native visualization tools
  • View physical properties of candidate antibodies for  assessment
  • View all data available for a molecule or sequence to make candidate selection decisions
  • Automatically generate routine analyses for imported data
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