LabKey Server software tools for overcoming key challenges in ELISA and ELISpot data management

Managing ELISA and ELISpot Data with LabKey Server SDMS

High throughput plate-based immunoassays such as ELISA and ELISpot are important tools in drug discovery, clinical trials, bioanalytical labs and immunological research. With the advancement of these assays into microplates and their relatively inexpensive nature, both of these assays are widely used globally to evaluate immune responses to a variety of antigens.


Contents: Data Management in Lab | Tracking Data Provenance | Data and Analysis Integrations


Because of their low price point and technology requirements, ELISA and ELISpot assays are often performed in a high-throughput manner which produces a large amount of data in a short time frame. To support the reproducibility of experiment results, teams need lab data management tools that are scalable enough to manage this high volume data in a controlled manner without causing research bottlenecks. LabKey Server provides support for efficient ELISA and ELISpot data management by:


Streamlining Data Management in the Laboratory

Server SDMS helps streamline the management of immunoassay and other laboratory data by:

  • Automatically importing instrument files upon availability using LabKey file watchers
  • Providing automated cleaning, validation, and transformation of data from laboratory instruments, databases and software
  • Structuring experiment results in data grids that can easily be sorted, filtered, and queried


Tracking Data Provenance

LabKey provides scientists with mechanisms for capturing data provenance by:

  • Offering users easy-to-understand graphical plate mapping tools
  • Allowing users to add metadata about the antigen or immune-responder
  • Providing the ability to calculate background and normalize data when appropriate
  • Visualizing calibration curves or normalized spot counts for dependable analysis


Facilitating Lab Data Integration & Analysis

Server SDMS helps scientists integrate, analyze and share their ELISA and ELISpot data by:

  • Allowing users to easily integrate their plate-based data with other related data
  • Providing built-in visualization tools for live or snapshotted analyses
  • Offering a mature permissions strategy for securely sharing data and analyses with collaborators

LabKey Server helps research teams efficiently manage lab data at scale.

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