Biologics ELN

The LabKey Biologics ELN at Just-Evotec

In this panel from the LabKey User Conference, we discuss the roll-out, adoption and impact of the Biologics LIMS’ Electronic Lab Notebook at Just-Evotec Biologics. Moderated by Bernie Lee, product manager of the LabKey Biologics LIMS, the panelists from Just-Evotec included Tara Kulas, Abigael Brownell and Abby Neumann. These scientists all use the data-connected Biologics ELN in their respective functional areas and were critical to the selection and adoption of the Biologics ELN at Just-Evotec. 

Just-Evotec Biologics is an integrated design company focused on technologies to accelerate the development of biotherapeutics while substantially reducing costs. Their mission is to apply these technologies to expand global access to biotherapeutics. LabKey has partnered with Just-Evotec since the inception of Biologics LIMS to shape and refine the capabilities of the product. Tara Kulas led the effort to find a new ELN for Just-Evotec and is the ELN administrator for the organization. You can learn about her work to find the perfect ELN by watching her previous presentation- The Quest for an ELN We Actually Want to Use.

After evaluating the benefits of many other ELNs in the marketplace, partnering with LabKey emerged as the natural choice since Just-Evotec was already using Biologics LIMS to centralize and manage their data and a trusted partnership had already been established. After gathering requirements, collaborating on design iterations, gathering feedback, and launching an initial release, the Biologics ELN was ready for it’s official rollout at Just-Evotec. 

A few of the highlights shared by the panelists in the video below:

  • The user-friendly design of the ELN helped Just-Evotec quickly adopt the application.
  • ELN features like easily referencing data and creating templates has led to a significant decrease in the time it takes to author notebooks. 
  • With authoring being less tedious and time-intensive, the quality/completeness of documentation has improved.
  • Collaboration and data sharing has improved and is now more efficient across teams.

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