Flexible Assays for Any Data

Provide structure and context for all your tabular instrument data with flexible LabKey assay designs.

Assay Data Interpretation within LabKey

Custom Designs Fit Your Data Perfectly

Generate a unique assay design for each type of analytical data collected, providing tailor made structure to support clean data storage and reporting.

Streamlined Entry is Accurate and Reliable

Reduce user error and guesswork by incorporating selection menus with preset values and validation rules into assay data entry methods.

Reports and Plots Present the Results

Generate dynamic reports and visualizations to highlight trends in a particular analytical dataset or build integrated views connecting multiple measures across assay types.

How it Works

Create a Perfect Data Mapping (Assay Design)

Create a custom data framework to suit any tabular assay data. Get started by inferring column names and types from a sample spreadsheet, then tune your design in the UI. Developers can use the APIs directly or build modules for crafting highly tuned custom assay designs.

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Design your own assay data structure for experiments in LabKey Server
Assay metadata choices made by users

Prompt Users for Metadata

Enable the collection of additional information about an assay run during upload. Offer pulldown menus, provide defaults, and use up-front validation to make it easier to get accurate and consistent information per run or per batch.

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Transform Data with Scripts

Use perl, python, R, or Java scripting to clean, shape, or automate calculation of values during import. Transformation scripts can align and unify data from variable sources.

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Align diverse data with transformation scripts
Quality Control for Assay Data

Quality Control

Review your data after import to ensure that only clean and relevant information is integrated with patient or sample information. With LabKey Server Premium Editions, quality control reports, including Levey-Jennings plots, are available to track key metrics.

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Visualization, Integration, Analysis

LabKey’s powerful analysis tools and visualization libraries give you a wealth of ways to present and interpret data. Teams can utilize the platform’s built-in analysis tools or analyze data with a variety of external tools. Developers can also utilize the LabKey APIs as well as common programming languages like JavaScript or R to conduct generate custom analyses.

Users of LabKey Server Premium Editions have even more integration options, including RStudio, RStudio Pro, Tableau Desktop, Microsoft Access, and SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS).

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Assays from spreadsheet to visualizations

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