LabKey Server Edition Comparison

Community EditionProfessional EditionProfessional Plus EditionEnterprise Edition
Base LabKey Server Feature SuiteXXXX
Access to Source Code and InstallersXXXX
Custom LabKey Server DistributionXXX
Extended Look-and-Feel CustomizationXXX
Groups Supported Within OrganizationSingleSingleMultiple
Cloud HostingAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-OnAdd-On
Data Processing
Base LabKey Server Pipelines (e.g. Mass Spectrometry, Flow Cytometry)XXXX
Automatic Pipeline Triggers upon File AvailabilityXXX
Document Abstraction Workflow and Curation SystemX
Natural Language Processing PipelineX
Built-In Database and LDAP AuthenticationXXXX
Single Sign-On Protocols: CAS, Google OAuth, SAMLXXX
Two-Factor Authentication via DuoXXX
HIPAA, FISMA, CFR Part 11 Compliance Support
Electronic SignaturesXX
Advanced Account ManagementXX
Dynamic Terms of UseXX
Managed Access to PHI/PII Based on Security RolesXX
Logging of all PHI/PII Accesses and User AssertionsXX
Direct Integration
File Management with Amazon S3Add-OnXX
Online Documentation, Tutorials, Videos and Community ForumXXXX
Custom-Tailored Training for Users/AdministratorsXXX
Custom-Tailored Training for DevelopersXX
Access to Public Forums & DocumentationXXXX
Priority Fixes and/or Investigation of Client-Reported BugsXXX
On-Going Maintenance of Client-Funded FeaturesXXX
Private Support PortalXXX
Regular Meetings with Dedicated Account ManagerMonthlyWeeklyWeekly +
Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring, Reporting, and Upgrade AssistanceXXX
Hardware, Software, Security, and Data Management RecommendationsXXX
System Architecture and Design Advice from Development LeadsXX
Development Recommendations, Code Reviews, and TroubleshootingXX
2018 PricingFREE$41,000+$75,000+Contact Us for Pricing