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LabKey Server Editions

With a variety of configuration and hosting options, LabKey server can be fully customized to meet the needs of your research teams. Contact Us


Community Starter Professional Enterprise
Base LabKey Server Feature Suite with Source Code and Intallers X X X X
Premium LabKey Server Feature Suite X X X
Custom LabKey Server Distribution X X X
Extended Look-and-Feel Customization X X X
Groups Supported Within Organization Single Single Multiple
Starter Cloud Hosting Add-On X X X
Standard Cloud Hosting Add-On Add-On Add-On X
Data Processing
Base LabKey Server Pipelines (e.g. Mass Spectrometry, Flow Cytometry) X X X X
Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Processing X X X
Assay Quality Control and Trend Reporting X X X
Automatic Pipeline Triggers upon File Availability X X X
Anti-virus Scanner Integration X X X
Document Abstraction Workflow and Curation System X
Natural Language Processing Pipeline X
Direct Integration
RStudio X X
REDCap Add-On X X
FreezerPro Add-On X X
Amazon Redshift Add-On X X
Spotfire via JDBC Add-On X X
OpenEMPI Add-On X X
File Management with Amazon S3 Add-On X X
External Analytics via ODBC (e.g. Tableau, Excel, Access, SSRS, MATLAB) X X
Built-In Database and LDAP Authentication X X X
Single Sign-On Protocols: CAS, SAML X X X
Two-Factor Authentication via Duo X X X
HIPAA, FISMA, CFR Part 11 Compliance Support
Electronic Signatures X X
Advanced Account Management X X
Dynamic Terms of Use X X
Managed Access to PHI/PII Based on Security Roles X X
Logging of all PHI/PII Accesses and User Assertions X X
Compliance Cloud Hosting Add-On X
Online Documentation, Tutorials, Videos and Community Forum X X X X
Premium Documentation and Example Code Resources X X X
Custom Training for Users/Administrators X X X
Custom Training for Developers X X
Access to Public Forums & Documentation X X X X
Priority Fixes and/or Investigation of Client-Reported Bugs X X X
On-Going Maintenance of Client-Funded Features X X X
Private Support Portal X X X
Regular Meetings with Dedicated Account Manager Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring, Reporting, and Upgrade Assistance X X X
Hardware, Software, Security, and Data Management Recommendations X X X
Export Diagnostics X X X
System Architecture and Design Advice from Development Leads X X
Development Recommendations, Code Reviews, and Troubleshooting X X
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