Flow Cytometry

Automatically process and analyze data to enable high-throughput screening

LabKey Server allows research teams and organizations to automate the processing and analysis of flow cytometry data across many instruments’ runs using a common gating strategy. LabKey’s approach allows research labs to accomplish much higher-throughput screening of flow cytometry results in pre-clinical observational studies than using traditional methods.

Using LabKey Server, researchers can integrate flow cytometry with other experimental data, build sophisticated queries and reports, and securely share any data subset in a variety of formats. LabKey Server also provides QC workflows to help ensure high quality data.


FlowJo Integration

LabKey Server integrates with FlowJo™, allowing users to define a gate template for an entire study using FlowJo™ and upload the FlowJo™ workspace to their LabKey Server platform. They can then conduct analysis by pointing LabKey Server  to a repository of FCS files.

LabKey Server computes the compensation matrix, applies gates, calculates statistics, and generates graphs. Results are stored in a relational database and displayed using secure, interactive web pages. Researchers can define custom queries and views to analyze large result sets. Gate templates can be modified, and new analyses can be run and compared. Results can be printed, emailed or exported to tools such as Excel or R for further analysis. LabKey Server enables quality control and statistical positivity analysis over data sets that are too large to manage effectively using PC-based solutions.

Learn more about Flow Cytometry support in the LabKey documentation.

FCS Express Integration

LabKey Server integrates with FCS Express™, allowing investigators to define new FCS Express assay designs and import data into those assay designs. Files imported into LabKey Server can be viewed and analyzed through a secure, web-based interface. Researchers can also take advantage of LabKey Server’s quality control and workflow tools, including assay progress reports, assay status and quality control reports and rich contextual and metadata capture.

Learn more about FCS Express integration in the LabKey documentation.

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