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Premium editions of LabKey Server provide professional support and advanced functionality to help teams maximize the value of the platform.

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LabKey Server Premium Editions


The Professional Edition of LabKey Server includes extended security features, additional file processing pipelines, and hands-on professional support and training to help ensure your team gets the most from your installation.

Starting at $41,000 annually

Professional Plus

The Professional Plus edition of LabKey Server includes all of the features and support included in the professional edition, plus advanced support for HIPAA and FISMA compliance and direct integrations with other common research software including RStudio, REDCap, and FreezerPro. Professional Plus also includes developer support in addition to professional-level support.

Starting at $75,000 annually


LabKey Server Enterprise edition provides support for large, multi-group support and includes LabKey’s powerful document abstraction workflow and curation system and natural language processing pipeline. Enterprise edition subscribers also receive all of the features and support included in the professional and professional plus editions.

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Compare LabKey Server Editions

Community Professional Professional Plus Enterprise
Base LabKey Server Feature Suite X X X X
Access to Source Code and Installers X X X X
Custom LabKey Server Distribution X X X
Extended Look-and-Feel Customization X X X
Groups Supported Within Organization Single Single Multiple
Cloud HostingAvailable as Add-OnAvailable as Add-OnAvailable as Add-OnAvailable as Add-On
CommunityProfessionalProfessional PlusEnterprise
Base LabKey Server Pipelines (e.g. Mass Spectrometry, Flow Cytometry)XXXX
Automatic Pipeline Triggers upon File AvailabilityXXX
Document Abstraction Workflow and Curation SystemX
Natural Language Processing PipelineX
Community Professional Professional Plus Enterprise
Built-In Database and LDAP Authentication X X X X
Single Sign-On Protocols: CAS, Google OAuth, SAML X X X
Two-Factor Authentication via Duo X X X
CommunityProfessionalProfessional PlusEnterprise
Electronic SignaturesXX
Advanced Account ManagementXX
Dynamic Terms of UseXX
Managed Access to PHI/PII Based on Security RolesXX
Logging of all PHI/PII Accesses and User AssertionsXX
CommunityProfessionalProfessional PlusEnterprise
REDCapAvailable as Add-OnXX
FreezerProAvailable as Add-OnXX
File Management with Amazon S3Available as Add-OnXX
CommunityProfessionalProfessional PlusEnterprise
Online Documentation, Tutorials, Videos and Community ForumXXXX
Custom-Tailored Training for Users/AdministratorsXXX
Custom-Tailored Training for DevelopersXX
CommunityProfessionalProfessional PlusEnterprise
Access to Public Forums & DocumentationXXXX
Priority Bug FixesXXX
Private Support PortalXXX
Regular Meetings with Dedicated Account ManagerMonthlyWeeklyWeekly +
Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring, Reporting, and Upgrade AssistanceXXX
Hardware, Software, Security, and Data Management RecommendationsXXX
System Achitecture and Design Advice from Development LeadsXX
Development Recommendations, Code Reviews, and TroubleshootingXX

LabKey Cloud Services

LabKey cloud services significantly reduce the operations burden of using LabKey Server and help ensure a reliable, up-to-date operating environment for users. Teams using LabKey cloud services to host their LabKey solutions receive professionally managed upgrades to the all major releases of LabKey Server and back-ups of their environments.