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LabKey Server Editions

Premium editions of LabKey Server provide professional support and advanced functionality to help teams maximize the value of the platform.

Community Edition

Intended for: Evaluators, technical enthusiasts, and teams with substantial in-house development resources.

Service Level: Documentation, Tutorials, and Community Forums. No formal support provided.

Pricing: Free

Professional Edition

Intended for: Teams that want to optimize workflows, enable collaboration and support basic connection of lab, specimen and clinical data, but do not need deep integration with other systems or major customization.

Service Level: Customized training for users and administrators, on-going project management, data management, scripting (R and SQL), security, and administration guidance, private support portal, priority fixes for client specific issues.

Pricing: Annual subscriptions starting at $41k/ year plus taxes if applicable


Intended for: Teams that seek to integrate LabKey Server with external systems, manage a larger installation, and/or build custom solutions that extend LabKey Server.

Service Level: Includes all Professional Edition services, plus ongoing system architecture and design guidance from technical leads, support for multi-organization portals, advanced developer support including server to server integrations, client APIs, ETLs, assay transform scripts, remote pipeline processing servers and clusters, custom LabKey-based pipelines, and module development assistance.

Pricing: Annual subscriptions starting at $75k/ year plus taxes if applicable

Enterprise Edition

Intended for: Teams that need to support clinical data integration at large scale, potentially including regulatory compliance.

Service Level: The advanced technical support provided with the Enterprise Edition of LabKey Server tailored to meet the needs of each Enterprise edition client.

Pricing: Contact for pricing