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Targeted Mass Spectrometry Repository

LabKey’s targeted mass spectrometry repository solution, Panorama, integrates closely with Skyline to create a workflow that supports aggregating, curating, and sharing experiment results. Panorama is collaboratively developed in partnership with the MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington, the developers of Skyline.

Targeted Mass Spectrometry Document Repository and QC Software

Centralize Document Storage

Easily integrate, organize and share targeted mass spectrometry documents in a centralized repository.

Provide Historic Perspective

Capture and connect previous experimental results to support efficient iterative method development.

Monitor Assay Performance

Consistently monitor the performance of instruments and reagents used to ensure robust results.

Skyline document management software

Skyline Document Repository

LabKey Server’s Panorama tool provides a central repository for managing Skyline analysis results. Panorama helps teams organize Skyline files, uploaded automatically or manually, into folders for analysis.  Take advantage of LabKey Server’s fine-grained permission controls to securely share data with collaborators, or make it publicly available.

Quality Control

Continuously monitor the performance of lab instruments and reagents for system suitability checks with Panorama QC tools.  A dashboard provides a high-level look at the status of mass spec instruments and related files, identifies outliers, and offers interactive QC plots like Levey-Jennings, Moving Range, and CUSUM.

Levey Jennings Mass Spec QC Plots in LabKey Server
Skyline document revision / version tracking software

Document Revision Tracking

Panorama’s document revision tracking allows teams to iteratively develop and refine proteomics methods, while maintaining a history of each revision complete with comments and linkage to previous versions.

Chromatogram Libraries

Store targeted assays that have been curated in Skyline and reuse them in the future for measuring proteins and peptides in other samples. Share them with other researchers using Panorama chromatogram libraries.

Panorama Chromatogram libraries

Panorama Partners Program

The Panorama Partners Program helps organizations successfully adopt and integrate Panorama, LabKey Server’s targeted mass spectrometry module, into their existing workflows. Partner organizations have direct access to the Panorama and Skyline development teams, and help shape the direction of Panorama’s ongoing development to better suit their specific targeted mass spectrometry needs. Premium features available only to Panorama Partners help further improve efficiency and data integrity.


Skyline + Panorama: Enabling a Robust Assay Workflow for Targeted Proteomics Analysis

The Dr. Michael MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington partnered with LabKey to develop the LabKey Server module, Panorama, which integrates closely with the lab’s widely-adopted targeted mass spectrometry desktop application, Skyline, in order to provide a repository for Skyline documents, facilitate collaboration and iteration with labs, and enable extensive reporting.

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