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Research Network Data Centralization

Centralize the collection, integration, and analysis of data gathered by contributing members of your research network using LabKey Server. LabKey solutions help research networks conduct research more efficiently through standardizing data processing and analysis, defining and automating workflows, and centralizing data management, ultimately reducing the duplication of effort across the network.

Centralize Study Data

Organize all relevant data in a central, secure environment for more efficient curation, analysis, and publishing.

Track Study Progress

Keep your study on track with a birds-eye view of participant enrollment, data collection, quality control checks and other key activities.

Increase Study Transparency

Provide appropriate access to study data at all phases from operational execution to post-publication.

Multi Site Data Integration Solutions

Multi-Site Data Integration

Bring together data from disparate sites, making it centrally available through a web-based portal. LabKey Server supports integration of data through a variety of methods, both manual and automated, to accommodate differing technology needs.

Data Standardization

Define standard data structures for all contributors in order to minimize the manual processing necessary for integration with other data. Utilize LabKey Server’s data input forms and dataset templates to help enforce data formatting standards.

Research Data Standardization Tools in LabKey Server
LabKey Server laboratory assay data QC software

QC Tracking & Approval

Use LabKey Server’s quality control tools to validate or transform data from contributors and ensure that all inputs are consistent and prepared for integration with related data.

Secure Team Workspaces

Create secure workspaces for teams to store and curate data prior to sharing with a broader audience. Collaboration tools like wiki pages and message boards help enhance communication between team members and LabKey Server’s fine-grained permissions ensure that workspaces are only accessible to those who have been granted explicit access.

Secure bioinformatics research team workspaces
Demographic data, clinical data, specimen data integration using LabKey study software

Study Data Integration

Organize clinical data, demographics, specimen information, and experiment results using LabKey studies. LabKey studies provide a central place to track study progress, conduct analysis, and publish study results.

Aggregated Data Exploration

Explore and analyze a complete integrated dataset gathered from contributing teams. Query, filter, and sort aggregated data and develop data subsets of interest for further analysis.

Query and Filter Aggregated Research Data
Clinical study visualization and analysis tools

Visualization & Analysis

Visualize, analyze, and report on aggregated data using a range of built-in plotting and reporting tools available in LabKey Server. For more advanced analysis, utilize LabKey Server’s powerful integration with the R statistical programming environment to present R script results as live reports within LabKey Server.


ITN TrialShare: Breaking New Ground for Clinical Trial Transparency

The Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) developed ITN TrialShare as a research web portal for both operational data management and post-publication sharing of data from clinical trials. By publishing data on ITN TrialShare, the network can provide direct linking from major clinical trial publications to participant-level data and interactive analyses.

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