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Quick Look: Requesting and Uploading Assay Data

One could say that the key purpose of any scientific lab is to perform actual experiments. The primary goal of LabKey Biologics is to make sure that the data generated by these experiments is connected to molecular biology entities within the system, but we also wanted to make it simple for teams to request experiments and manage the fulfillment of these requests. By supporting the entire workflow from request to fulfillment to data integration in a central system, teams can significantly streamline their workflows and simplify data hand-offs.

Requesting Work

In LabKey Biologics, within the Workflow tab, teams can create service request trackers to manage different type of work conducted in the lab. These can be trackers for sample preparation, reagent delivery, equipment maintenance – whatever you’d like to track. LabKey Biologics comes preconfigured with a default work request tracker, for managing Assay Requests. This specialized assay request tracker is designed to create a persistent link between requests for assays and the assay data that is uploaded.
Service requests for assays, samples, etc. are requested as part of a parent Work Request. Work requests allow users to group together many different service requests (i.e. different assays, separate sample preparations) enabling a connected view into the work that has been done across the entire project.

The Status of Work

The a user-specific view of the workflow dashboard in LabKey Biologics is presented to each user who logs in to the application. At the top of the page, the interface shows two key lists: 1) all open work that the user has requested and 2) all open work that has been requested of that user. This allows users to see the things that are immediately applicable to them and to take action accordingly. The dashboard view also provides global reporting on the status of all work requests being tracked in the system and and links to any open requests.

Uploading Assay Data

When a requested assay is complete, the generator can easily upload the results directly from the assay request page, and close the activity request, thus completing the workflow. This process also creates a direct link between the completed assay request and the assay data that was generated, making it easy for the requester to access their results.

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