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Molecule Registration System LabKey Biologics

Quick Look: Molecule Registration in LabKey Biologics

[vc_video link=”” el_width=”80″ align=”center”]Registering molecules is a key function of LabKey Biologics. In the LabKey Biologics application, a molecule can be any sort of macromolecule, often times an antibody, that is a key target of research.

Registering A Molecule

To register new molecules, LabKey Biologics provides an easy-to-use molecule registration wizard as part of the interface. First, users add a molecule description, aliases, and details about the molecule’s lineage. The second step in the registration process allows users to select the components of this molecule, generally composed of one or more different protein sequences. Finally, LabKey Biologics will make a recommendation about the stoichiometry of the molecule. Users can either accept this recommendation or override it. The application will then verify that this new entity, defined by its components and their stoichiometry, has not previously been registered.

Users can register molecules individually using this wizard, in bulk, or via the LabKey API. LabKey Biologics can also seamlessly integrate with external systems used for antibody design to register entities.

Creating Valuable Connections

LabKey Biologics stores all of the key physical characteristics about registered antibodies and presents users with concise, yet detailed, information about its components and linkage to relevant molecule species, molecule sets, and expression systems.

Following the Path

An expression system is typically generated to produce a specific molecule. This relationship can be seen through the various gene inserts in the construct for a specific expression system, but in LabKey Biologics we’ve built a mechanism to make this connection easier to uncover. When users register a new expression system in LabKey Biologics, the application will make an explicit connection between it and the molecule of interest and then make that connection visible on the entity details pages for easy navigation between the related expression system and the molecule.[vc_cta h2=”” shape=”square”]For a quick look at this functionality in action, check out the video above. Want to see more? Request a demo or register for an upcoming “Intro to LabKey Biologics” webinar. [/vc_cta]