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Registering Media in labKey Biologics

Quick Look: Media Registration in LabKey Biologics

[vc_video link=”″ el_width=”80″ align=”center”]In addition to tracking the relationships between biological entities and the experiment results from assays run against them, we wanted to give teams a way track the composition and steps taken to create each sample as well as provide a tool for creating and storing recipes.

Building Media Recipes

We built into LabKey Biologics a straightforward mechanism for registering new media recipes that allows team members to specify which ingredients will be used, the concentrations of those ingredients, the steps that need to be taken to prepare the mixture, and the target yield.

When selecting ingredients to include in a media recipe, users can select from a list of preloaded ingredients that are defined by their lab. They can also use other mixtures as ingredients in a mixture.

Creating a Batch

When it’s time for a team member to create a batch of a particular recipe, they will specify the desired yield and LabKey Biologics will automatically calculate the quantity of each ingredient needed to achieve that yield, based on the mixture recipe. As the user adds ingredients according to the recipe, they will indicate in the interface the actual quantity and the specific raw material added to the batch. Raw materials are the physical manifestations of ingredients and are registered in the system with their unique lot numbers. Registering not just ingredients, but also specific raw materials, helps keep track of laboratory supplies used and allows teams to investigate the downstream effects of different materials.

Following the Media

Media recipes and batches are treated like any other entity within the LabKey Biologics system, meaning that the lineage of samples can be traced back to any applicable media. This allows scientists to investigate the impact of different recipes, different batches, and even different sources of supplies on protein production.[vc_cta h2=”” shape=”square”]For a quick look at this functionality in action, check out the video above. Want to see more? Request a demo or register for an upcoming “Intro to LabKey Biologics” webinar.[/vc_cta]