Integrate specimen, clinical, instrument, and assay data with custom types

Researchers collect many different kinds of data into many different storage systems. To analyze this diverse data in a meaningful way, data must be brought together and connected into a single, queryable whole. LabKey Server integrates data separated by different systems (such as database implementations, Excel spreadsheets, REDCap, FreezerPro) and by data type (such as demographics, clinical data, assay results, specimen inventories, and formulation registries).

Many difficult questions become easy to answer when separated data has been brought together, such as:

What assays have been run on specimens from such-and-such subjects?

What is the current location of the specimens that produced these assay results?

How do these formulations compare over this battery of assay tests?

By syncing with existing systems and not requiring the “database of record” to be transferred to LabKey Server, diverse data can be connected without disrupting existing workflows.

Data Integration for Clinical/Observational Studies

LabKey Server allows researchers to identify relationships connecting participants, visits, forms, assay results, and specimens. LabKey Server goes beyond tracking clinical data, allowing researchers to connect this information to a broad range of assay data types.

For more information on LabKey data integration capabilities for clinical researchers, read related documentation available on the LabKey Support Portal:

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LabKey Server: Cohort Studies >

Data Integration for Labs

Laboratories have their own data integration needs.

How do you link existing specimen inventory systems with assay results?

How do you track complex formulations and lineages with downstream assay results?

LabKey Server Community Edition provides free tools for labs big and small: Electronic Laboratory Notebooks to organize files, procedures, and results; sample sets for tracking aliquots and linking to assay results; and non-disruptive integration with existing LIMS systems.  

For labs working with a large number of materials with complex interrelationships, LabKey’s upcoming biologics product provides solutions, including protein and DNA sequences, cell lines, vectors, and chemical compounds. For details see LabKey Biologics.


Documentation & Support Resources

Feature tours, documentation and community forums are available to help you get the most out of your LabKey Server installation. Visit the LabKey Support Portal to access these resources and more.